Xiang Yuan in Temple City

We went to Xiang Yuan on Las Tunas Blvd. in Temple City. Green Island used to occupy the location. It’s a Cantonese restaurant that serves dim sum and seafood. We had only the dim sum that was ordered from a menu.

In a nutshell, it was decent dim sum: chicken feet, steamed BBQ pork buns, har gow, siu mai, BBQ pork pastry, XLB (I know, but one of my little ones insisted), beef cheung fun, steamed ribs, etc.

The BBQ pork pastry was delicious–flaky and flavorful. The siu mai was huge. The steamed ribs were under seasoned–needed more black beans. I did not like the XLB, which were interesting because the cooks used a cross-section of a carrot to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the steaming dish.

Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s the best dim sum, but it was pretty good.

However, the menu is limited compared to other larger restaurants. For example, they did not have baked BBQ pork buns that one of my kids wanted. Most dishes were classified as “Medium” ($3.99). Standard charges for tea applied.

The decor is modern and not nearly as gaudy as Green Island was. You won’t find dragons and phoenixes on the walls. There are a couple of private rooms to the side.

Dinner dishes were pretty expensive ($16 and up). We did not get a chance to try it.

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This actually shows great promise. It’s menu driven dim sum, which is always good news, and they have some very interesting varieties.

The dim sum menu may be limited, but have you seen the entire menu? WTF?

It’s like a Chinese Cheesecake Factory, on steroids. Chased down with a Barry Bonds’ HGH cocktail special.

Is this the first combination Hong Kong seafood/authentic traditional Hunan cuisine restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley?

Maybe in the world.


Had lunch here today and was extremely impressed. First, the decor is beautiful; elegant, cool and calm. This is also certainly some of the best dim sum I’ve had in a long time. I particularly enjoyed the salted egg bun. Pure decadent luxury.
Also tried the xao long bao, which were really very, very good. Nice delicate wrapper and the filling more than made up for in flavor what it might have lacked in juciness. Really like this place!

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Yup, the rest of the menu is something else altogether.