Your Top 3 Noodle Soups in LA/OC

What are your top 3 bowls of noodle soup in LA/OC?

Mine would go:

  1. Trieu Chau house special noodles. Below is with wonton added (extra).

  2. Sapp boat noodles

  3. Tsujita tsukemen

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  1. Lamb noodle soup from Beijing Pie House.

  2. Ramen from Tsujita.

  3. Curry udon with shrimp tempura and mochi from Oumi Sasaya.

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In no particular order, except alphabetical

Taiwanese beef noodle soup @ Dai Ho

Korean seafood noodles @ Tofu and Noodles

Korean cold buckwheat noodles @ Yu Chun

Shio Ramen @ Yukinoya Monterey Park
Kuromaru Tonkotsu Shibori @ Manichi
Beef Noodle Soup with large flat noodles @ Malan Noodles

Don’t have a top three, but I really enjoyed my bowl of Bánh Canh Tôm Cua from Mai Phung, Westminster a couple weeks back.


Brent’s Matzo Ball
Tsujita tsukemen
Sapp boat Noodles

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Dai Ho - Nui Rou Mian
Men Oh - Tokushima Ramen xtra chashu
Sanuki No Sato - Nabeyaki Udon

i don;t have a top 3.

but the question prompts a question in return: has anyone been to the o’heavy noodles in rowland heights that’s supposed to be a dow shaw/heavy noodling II/JTYH spin off?

opened in may, apparently this place actually has NO YELP PRESENCE. but tonyc did make a pejorative tweet concerning the quality of the broth in their noodle soup back in august.

Someobdy, here’s your chance to actually beat yelp and relive that CH manifesto.

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I don’t have an answer to your question, but I do have best wishes to you on your birthday @secretasianman.

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Pailin: Khao Soi
Thai Noodle King: Lion King Tear, yen ta fo
Ramen Nao: chicken ramen
LAX-C Easy Fresh: duck noodle soup
Liang’s lamb mile long shaved noodles
Yoma: oh no khao swe
Phuong Anh: bun nuoc leo bac lieu
Ngu Binh/Huoang Giang (sp?) mi quang (it’s a lil soupy… fuggit that has to count)

I apparently can’t count to 3. Whatever.

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thanks. getting a group to do liang’s for dinner tonight.


happy birthday Secret Asian Man !!!

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fwiw, the dish at Tofu and Noodles that, to my palate is exceptional is their Spicy Tofu and Squid (served with rice).
from what i was told, the dish is one of the specialties of the town in which the chef was raised.

for Spicy Seafood Noodles, i far prefer the Lee’s Noodles version

more like about a yard or so.

my friend from brescia took an italian pasta approach to family style food transfer.


And this is where I mourn the Los Angeles passing of the Stage Deli. Their Mish Mash Soup (chicken soup with a matzo ball, a kreplach, kasha, egg noodles and maybe even some days - rice - was not low carb but if you weren’t feeling well? It was guaranteed to cure what ailed you.

Today? I am thrilled to have the chicken pho at Goodgirl dinette. Awesome stuff.

And my husband is always up for the beef cheek ramen at the Mitsuwa Marketplace on Centinela. Yummers.

one day i’m going to remember to take a small pair of scissors when
i venture out to the sgv for noodles.

bad luck! very bad luck! noodles represent long life.

really? hmmm…now i’m suspect because tony and ipse told me a while back to take
some scissors. they must have it in for me.

o.k., no cutting noodles. sigh.


So is one to slurp down these long-ass noodles in one continuous gurgle for fear of dying too soon? Seems one would more likely die very soon from choking on a ribbon of sliced dough. Interesting obituary for sure.

Assuming one actually bites the noodle at some point in order to properly chew and swallow it, the noodle does get cut, right?

And sharing such dishes would be bad luck as well. Think Big Noodle Chicken dish at places like Sweethome Grill. That dish is proportional for eating family style. The knife-cut noodles can easily be three to four feet long. Scissors or a handy pocket knife came to mind but we had neither. After standing up and raising the noodle as high as I could reach, the noodle’s other end was still some where to be found ,buried deep in the platter amongst the chicken, veggies and other noodles. I asked my son to hold the fork and chopstick while I barbarically used my fingers to pinch the noodle off. We repeated this to portion off the remaining noodles. I washed my hands and ate well. And I’m still here. For how long? Eh - worrying about the trite is not conducive to a long well-lived life.