Yu Bo and Bistro LQ

Just got this from Chef’s newsletter:

It’s been a whole year in the making, and we can finally announce that Chef Yu Bo and LQ will host a once-in-a-lifetime lifetime collaborative dinner! Chef Yu Bo has built an incredible reputation in his native China, and a year ago he relocated to Los Angeles.
We will be hosting 24 guests per night at the historic Normandie Hotel, in the heart of Koreatown, on November 8, 9, 15, 16. Guests can look forward to 24 amuses - 14 courses of Alba white truffles - 2 Vacherin cheese tastings - 3 desserts, and wine pairings. We will release the tickets to the public at the end of the week. We already have a wait-list of 50 guests on pre-order so join them for what promises to be an absolutely magical night!


I mean, I know. Google and all. But . . . I’m lazy.

There is none. The only info seems to be from the email he sends out, which I copied and pasted. I noodled around his website hoping to get pricing, etc., but no dice. His website needs to be overhauled. It’s really difficult to navigate. Any case, I’ll check at the end of the week, when he says tickets will be released and try to update. Nov. 8-9 are sold out. Only thing I found was a pic on his insta. https://www.instagram.com/lqfoodings/?hl=en



From his personal FB page, it’s going to be 24 amuse, 14 courses of white Alba truffles, 2 vacherin courses, and 3 desserts. But no price yet.

It’s going to be between 400-500

$500 per person with wine paring and $430 per person if you want to BYOB(ottles). Corkage will be $35 per bottle with a 2 bottle minimum. The $430 tickets are already sold out for November 9th.


Clean up on aisle 5


Boy, that was some serious redacting…too bad, the discussion about spending was entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way!

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Dang it I missed the discussion altogether… #asIwaitformyhowlinraystomaterialize



dang i missed some drama!?

going on the 16th for a birthday celebration. Looking forward to it. Definitely the priciest LQ meal i’ve been to, probably Yu Bo’s influence. His meal in China back in the day was $400usdpp. But looking forward to eating LQ’s food in a professional kitchen again - been awhile

Well, aside from 9 amuse, there will be 14 courses with white alba truffles, 2 vacherin courses and 3 desserts.