Zuni Cafe - SF classic


I wish I’d thought to take a photo of the Acme levain, I think they get a darker bake, kind of like the Boudin at Tadich and Sam’s.


This was great, basically a Niçoise minus the egg.


Classic Zuni fritto misto. My camera software is so annoying, looks perfectly sharp but if I don’t check each photo it might turn out blurry.


Another Zuni classic, the ricotta gnocchi. They split it for us so this is just half a portion.


Roast leg, braised ribs, merguez, couscous with preserved lemon and cilantro, roasted tomato, and tzatziki. If I’d realized how North African this plate was going to be I might have ordered a different wine.


To me this wasn’t really a pavlova, but it was lovely anyway, nice and light.


Also very nice. It’s a treat to get mulberries.

Overall another classic Zuni meal.


Went to dinner here on our recent trip to SF. Glad we did. Service was excellent. We were tired and so didn’t order the chicken which took 60 minutes to be ready. We started with the fried fish. Excellent.

Delicious sourdough bread.

I got the whole fish. It was moist and well seasoned, with tasty skin.

Husband got the, umm, can’t remember. But it very good. But what was superb was the polenta with two cheeses (the waitress recommend getting it that way.) . I never order or make polenta, or even grits, but this was so melt in your mouth delicious, I am going to make at home!

Sorry for the blurry pictures. But I have to say I will happily return! Good service and good food!


I think the secret to their polenta is lots of butter.

Most polenta recipes call for a lot of pointless extra work. Here’s the easy way.

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Or instant pot, if you have one.

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Thanks! I will try! I will not shy away from the butter!

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You forgot the french fries. They are very good.

There was only so much we could eat! We had been to Wursthall for lunch!! But I hope to go back in September. They won’t let you reservations more than a month in advance, though, so I have my calendar marked in August to make reservations.