A Tasty Dish You Made


I went with some smothered pork chops (Marconda) last night… purposely kept it dry because we had some killer shrimppaste sambal i picked up from Simtang that i wanted to dip in

also marinated 5 lbs of chicken adobo for tonight and soaked 3 lbs of white beans for a serbian baked beans dish im’ obsessed with.


That is an excellent looking plate of food. But seriously, are you cooking for the barbarian hordes? Or are you one of us? The ones that grew up in large families with many boys to feed? So we don’t know how to cook normal amounts of food,


Haha. Yep, I cook too much and I plate too much. Fully realize. That was mostly the dinner though with some greens. There were 2 other plates like this. I was the only one to finish. I did only have salad and 1/2 of tofu sammich for lunch too


rocked out some Adobo and some serbian Prebranac (beans


What’s the meat? Looks good.


which one? chicken adobo if the last post


Yes. I honestly couldn’t tell what the meat was and adobo was just too broad. Thanks.


Oh fuzz. Sorry for the delayed response.

Looks like NYT is being a turd to me too, but if you google the title in a different browser and click through that way, you can get around the paywallz sometimes.

Below is the full recipe. For my skill level, it was quite involved. Nothing tough necessarily - just a lot of steps, as you’re making four different components (confiture de lait, creme anglaise, brittle, rice pudding). I had to do another batch of the brittle my first time cuz I roasted the damn nuts too long and burnt em. But boy is it worth it.

Also, here’s a video of the Chez L’Ami Jean dude making it, and he makes it look super easy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY7NTStsRGs

If you make it, two tips I remember:

  • For the confiture (caramel): right before serving, I whisked in some whipped cream to make the texture lighter and more spreadable. The recipe doesn’t say to do this, but I saw him do it in the video, and I think it’s better than having super sticky caramel.

  • For the rice pudding: I would double the recipe (so, one vanilla bean, 2/3 cup rice and 4+ cups of milk). Even though it says that the recipe makes 6-8 servings, when I made my first batch, it was really more like 3-4.

Sorry for the novel of a response!


quailed it up pretty nice last weekend… great beer food


looks like it’s labor intensive.I might just give it a try though.

thanks for all the info!


Adventures in smoking

Smoked chicken

Smoked salmon


yooooo… teach me to smoke stuff better… i can’t seem to control the temp on my fake green egg very well, the temp gauge is blown i think.

regarding salmon, i need to learn to cold smoke it though… how dey do dat.

here’s my smokeded chicken, though it looks more grilled, it was on there for 3 hours


@Nemroz My friend is the smoker extraordinaire, and has been showing us the ropes. There are a tips that may be able to help you out…especially, if your temperature gauge is malfunctioned.

  1. We have two probe thermometers. One for the fire and one for the protein we’re cooking. They’re also Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled so it’s easier for us to monitor both the food and the fire. We add more fuel when the fire runs a bit low, and flip/rotate/move the proteins if those say they’re running too hot. The two thermometers are really our saving grace.
  2. We maintain the fire temperature to 220-230F degrees. My friend is more persnickety and tries to keep it between 220-225F. It’s a tad bit more work, but he seems to think it makes a big difference.
  3. We’ve always done whole chickens. Never tried cut parts. We always brine the whole chickens for at least 8 hours (overnight) or up to 36 hours in advance. I can get for whole chickens in a 25 lb turkey brining bag that sells for $5 at Bed Bath & Beyond. They get patted down and slathered with dry rub prior to being put in the smoker (make sure you get some dry rub between the skin and the breast meat). Let the whole chickens rest for at least 30 minutes after you pull it from the smoker.
  4. The salmon was new for us this time, and it was hot-smoked once the chickens were done. Salmon is a 1 hour brine, then placed on a rack with a fan blowing to help dry it out and create this additional layer that will help it better absorb the smoke in the smoker. I recommend doing this part in the kitchen over the stove (that you’re not using) and turning on your hood vent so your house doesn’t get the fishy smell. Then throw that salmon in the smoker with the probe thermometer shoved in the fleshiest part, and set it to your preferred doneness (I think we chose 130F), and let is rest for 10 minutes after we pulled it from the smoker. No dry rub needed for the salmon, I fear it may overpower the fish. My son said it the hot-smoked salmon was better than the salmon I usually make for dinner because it was smoky while also staying very moist and flaky.
    Hope some of these tips can help your smoking adventures! Feel free to let me know if you need any other tips.

P.S. Your ribs look fan-freaking-tastic!
P.S.S. My friend is working on a cold-smoking technique. He’s got to figure out a way to McGyver the hot smoke from the smoker into a cooler filled with ice where the salmon will be housed. I think he has the general idea, but needs to work it out with real life products to see if it can work. Updates to the provided whenever he gets there,


Thanks! yea i’ve always done whole chickens as well but butterflied… the egg is really problematic with the addition of fuel… once you open it you have to remove meats to get to the opening, things cool right off… also i have to keep a fire outside of it to burn off nasty offgassing prior to adding to the thing or it gets bad smokey

cold smoked salmon is really what i’m after, it’s completely different to hot as you know… it’s lox. got to nail that down… we get nice sockeye here and copper river is coming


Plum Tart

Red Braised Pork Belly

Hong Kong Egg Waffle

Crispy Cheese, tomato salad and butter red cabbage.


looking great! raise your tart with ours with homemade ricotta

throwing in mushroom cheese tart for good measure also


I like the quail . I am going to grill some this weekend , with a little garlic rosemary stuffing . Served over polenta . In memory of a very special person who just passed away . If I had sparrows they would be used . I remember that GIGI . R.I.P.


Skewered it up again at the folk’s home. Great with some Beaujolais and old vine zin


seafood stewed pretty good