Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta


Hi @bulavinaka,

I saw the Pozole as well. Thanks for the report! I knew I should’ve ordered it. :slight_smile:

We love their roast chicken. Try and enjoy fresh at the restaurant next time. :slight_smile: I think it’d be even better.


Went this weekend. No pics (sorry). After an annoying Saturday in the office, I decided to go insane.

First, I ordered a magnificent plate of steak and eggs. Perfectly cooked hanger steak and eggs, nice chimichurri, and a big slice of fantastic bread. Wonderful.

Along with the steak and eggs I got two side salads: Japanese squash with a mint sauce and Japanese sweet potatoes with a jalapeno yogurt. Bot impeccable.

I then went for some desserts, grabbing a chocolate mousse (okay) and a slice of a banana caramel pie (real good, but no Apple Pan).

As I prepared to leave, all I could think about was how I needed food to bring home. So I bought a loaf of sourdough, a container of chile hummus. Also bought some pickled fresno chiles to use for avocado toast at home. Bought a box of pumpernickel brownies to bring to a friend’s house. Oh, and got a prime rib sandwich to go so I could eat it later that night (I did).


And that’s the way we do it!


Hi @Haeldaur,

Nice! LOL. :slight_smile: Impressive outing.

Wow, I had no idea they had Steak & Eggs there now (we stop by on the weekends and never saw it before). Glad to hear it’s great. :slight_smile:

For dessert, have you tried their amazing Carrot Cake yet? (If not, definitely give it a try next time.)

We love the Fudge Pumpernickel Brownies. So decadent and moist!


Look out for the kabocha bundt cake everyone. :heart_eyes:


! I just saw this last week when we went. I forgot to ask you or @bulavinaka @CiaoBob @PorkyBelly @Bookwich (and the rest of our FTC Gjusta Club ;)) how it was.


I’m still trying to figure out what’s the deal with the purple cream filled pie the counter person said was a pumpkin pie…


They were doing ube pies last year. Counter guy might have meant it’s similar to pumpkin. Dunno.


That’s the only thing I could think of. Never saw a purple- or blue-fleshed pumpkin before. Thanks


Man, Gjusta is really becoming difficult to get food at these days, long wait time, but guess it is the weekend.

Finally plunged into the fish plate.

The new smoked cod they have just finished is probably the best smoked fish I have ever had. Thick, moist, lightly smokey, delicate, buttery… just something else. Pastrami graxlax are exquisitely peppered and delicate, the hot smoked trout is saccharine and lip-smacking good, the sardines are not overly salty or oily but delightful, and the herring is perfectly balanced in salinity and funk. I REALLY wish Gjusta did a creamed herring!

The kanpachi was maybe the only let down, being a touch over smokey/salty and a little on the tough side.

The labneh and assorted veggie accompaniments with the olive oil coated toasted bread are also pure magic.

Easy to see how the smoked fish her blows everywhere else out of the water. I am not sure I’ve ever had smoked fish like this anywhere else, it’s just shockingly good.

Rounded the fish out with veggies; Sunchokes were snappy with delicate interiors and paired brilliantly with the sharp cheese; kabocha squash was almost impossibly moist and luxurious with a pesto that significantly livened it up; and the chopped salad was simply an excellent rendition of the classic with particularly thick, salty, wondrous cuts of salami:

Steak and Eggs; the most disappointing dish of the day. The onions and peppers were the best part of the dish, while the steak was fairly flavorless/tough and the chimichurri had little bite to it. Felt like perhaps they forgot salt somewhere in the prep, I should have sent it back. But oh well.

Baked eggs were much nicer, practically being a version of shakshuka; as a heat-fiend I was pleasantly surprised that the chermoula actually added a detectable spice to these. I would’ve liked a touch runnier yolks, but still quite tasty.

Got a fruit loaf and carrot cake to go as well. Thanks @Chowseeker1999 best carrot cake I’ve encountered in LA for sure. Not overly sweet or too spiced; remarkably balanced, while nailing the creamy texture of the frosting. Super enjoyable, more so than their purple sweet potato and banana cream tarts for me.

I need to go back later in the week for sandwiches…

There is just too much good stuff at Gjusta! I wish they had more seating, but standing to eat brunch is an interesting experience. I wonder when they will get alcohol??


Nice take on your Gjusta meal. The alcohol was a very controversial issue - I don’t know where it stands right now. The Gjelina group has a fair amount of enemies in Venice. This comes from a combination of issues and occurrences that began with the inception of Gjelina. But the outcome has been a very adversarial stance between Gjelina and the locals and their supporters. If Gjelina is found to have fallen out of any code or ordinance in the least, someone is sure to report it and demand action.

Anything Gjelina proposes, the various groups oppose. The alcohol issue came up and was vehemently opposed. Many complained about potential noise and disorderly issues. Others complained that Gjusta should have never been allowed to operate in their current state (parking issues, noise, smell - whatever one could think of, it was lodged at neighborhood meetings and to local agencies).

Again, I don’t know where the alcohol issue stands - I’ve lost interest. For me, the lack of alcohol there makes Gjusta a default takeout option that kicks ass. I just can’t see eating a lot of their food without at least a beer or glass of wine.


Are the hundreds of people mobbing the place all driving in from outside of Venice then?

I don’t get how they have so many enemies.


Hi @Aesthete,

Glad you finally made it out and tried the Smoked Fish Plate! :slight_smile: I love their Gravlax and Smoked Cod! Weird on the Kanpachi, the 3 times I’ve had it, it’s always been perfect. Bummer.

I’ve never had their Shakshouka looks great, and yes, their Carrot Cake is pretty epic. :slight_smile:

Interesting about the seats at the bar. Normally, yes it’s standing only for the longest time, but last week, they finally added Bar Stools when we went. I wonder if they take them away during weekends?


I think that must be it. I don’t usually go on weekends and the stools have been there every other time I’ve been.


Yes, people from outside the area visit Gjusta quite a bit. Their reputation goes far. I was there last Saturday and ran into a couple of youngish tourists who were making Gjusta their last stop before heading to LAX to catch a flight home. They were from Sweden.


what does this mean?



You just couldn’t resist . . . :b


“Why yes, pizza and a kale salad does sound like a perfect breakfast. Meet me at Gjusta in ten.”

Also, the best thing I overheard this morning: “Did you call her and say thank you?” A guy to his friend, said friend turned bright pink as all his friends laughed. :slight_smile:

He must have had a strenuous night, because he ate a giant meat plate for breakfast. I think it’s prime rib or maybe pork, I forget. It came with salad and a big chunk of baguette.


Pork and Sauerkraut Empanada, $7. That is the total amount of meat in half an empanada.

A sad miss at Gjusta. The empanada shell was terrific, flaky and buttery. And they were fresh from the oven.

The filling, though… We were told it was a pork and sauerkraut filling, so I assumed it would be a riff on German pork sauerkraut stew. Instead it was two scant forkfuls of shredded meat that smelled overwhelmingly like corned beef, and some very crunchy, very tart quick-pickled cabbage. It was like chewing pickle juice while your mom cooks corned beef. Odd.

My carnivore friend is not overly impressed by Gjusta yet, other than the bakery, which makes me sad. All the carnivore FTCers like it! I’ll take him back for breakfast. He doesn’t eat fish, but hopefully one of the breakfast sandwiches will do the trick.


If the prime rib butcher doesn’t impress him i don’t know what can