Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta


Thanks for the report @hungryhungryhippos. Glad you generally enjoyed the visit. :slight_smile:

Like how cool they were with you in ordering, if you didn’t get any bottarga on that asparagus salad you can definitely bring it up with them. They’ll make sure to get you a new portion with bottarga; or if you really didn’t like it, they’d swap it out for something else.

When we had that salad there were very clear, large shavings of bottarga (so it’s easy to see if they missed in grabbing you those long shavings (and for them to correct it for you next time)).

Consider a Fish Plate Sampler (Small) next time, and choose 3 different selections from the Smoked Seafood case of your choice. :slight_smile:

And things like the Prime Rib Butcher, Falafel Sandwich, Tuna Conserva and more. :slight_smile:


Yeah I probably should have said something but the rest of the meal was good and they were pretty busy so I didn’t bother. Will try your recs next time!


Great review! I’ve noticed the bread at Gjusta seems to be a bit darker than before. The loaf of sesame wheat sourdough I picked up recently had a darker crumb, richer wheat taste, and crunchier crust than it did previously.


Agree on pointing stuff out that needs corrections. My last visit was very good as usual except the baby broccoli - the stems were like someone had stuck wooden match sticks in them. Pointed this out, they immediately apologized and offered me any of the salads in its place.


I’m a gonna have to disagree just a touch here. I went yesterday. Had the prime rib sandwich (for the first time), italian sandwich, and the herb gravalox (also my first time w/ the gravalox). The prime rib was absolutely perfectly cooked, but the horse radish was a bit too subtle (IMHO). It still very good, but my heart belongs w/ the Italian (which was again outstanding). Seriously, I could one everyday and be happy. Gravalox was great, too. :slight_smile:


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Now you had to remind me of the Italian Sandwich! :smile: That’s so good! My favorite right now. :grin:

Yes, I love raw horseradish so I’d agree I wish it was bolder. :slight_smile:


someone’s figured out the solution:


We need to publish a FTC guide to ordering at Gjusta.


I thought this is was what this thread is evolving into?


But in a concise form for those not interested in wading through all these posts.

I would buy one and they would make great office party gifts and stocking stuffers for hamster childs.


We could use a wiki post


“Hey dude - it ain’t my fault you show up and there’s no Paris Brest!”, says a slightly roughed up Mister Carrot Cake.

Tried beating the lunch rush today - showed up before 1100 - breakfast rush rolls into lunch rush so oh well.


Hah! Someone has to do some recon and see if they have a regular schedule when bakery stuff comes out or gets refreshed!


Hi @bulavinaka,

Darn bummed you missed the amazing Paris Brest, but I guess you had to “settle” on the Carrot Cake (which is still my favorite!). :wink:


I took my frustration out on Mister Carrot Cake - no longer to be heard from…:yum:


That trickster Paris Brest has still illuded me. One day…


Loki Paris Brest?? :wink:


Had a great meal today again at Gjusta. Damn that porchetta butcher has eluded me until today, mainly because I wasn’t too impressed with the porchetta melt. WOW was this insanely good, almost to the level of the prime rib butcher IMO. The parsley oil mixture had the right amount of herbaceous flavor to enhance the pork flavor. And the finely grated horseradish was just perfect. The crispy cracklins they added was another crunch in addition to their excellent baguette.

Had a smoked fish plate which was awesome as usual. To note, the octopus was excellent today, other times it was sort of meh.

Grabbed a kabocha bundt cake, great sweet and bitter flavors and awesome texture.

Also, has anyone had the croque madame? A couple of people got it near me today and it looked fantastic. They use, what looks like their own pastrami. Definitely going to try it next time, unless someone here thinks otherwise.

Gjusta Porchetta Butcher - YES // Gusta Porchetta Melt - NO


So glad you liked the Porchetta Butcher. I can’t believe you’ve never tried it yet. :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ve tried the Croque Madame before. It’s in Update 6 above. :wink: Loved it. They use their own Housemade Ham (not too salty), the Mornay Sauce was perfect with it. It was quite good. :slight_smile:

Did they have the Hazelnut Paris Brest when you went? You have to try it.


Damn I forgot about the Paris brest. I think they had them too but I simply forgot😱.

Thanks for the croque madame intel, I’ll check.

I guess I’ll have to go back to Gjusta ASAP.