Angler - The Embarcadero


i’m not seeing any uni toast on the menu

132 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 872-9442


Was it mentioned in the article? I didn’t see it.

It took me a bit to figure out that it’s ON The Embarcadero and not IN it.


Bookmarked. I’ve already chosen my first meal:

Purple sea urchin;
Monterey abalone with a green salad; and
Figs on a plate.

Are they taking reservations? I didn’t see anything on the website.





It was mentioned in a previous article as a possibility.


Doesn’t it seem like uni is one of those trendy items that every high end place is expected to serve? And perhaps they won’t for that reason?


Near to the kitchen live tanks bubble, filled with abalone, urchin, fish, and all manner of sea creatures, delivered daily by fisherman to the pier outside the restaurant.

Where the hell did she get that bit of nonsense? Pier 14, which is across the street but separated from the restaurant by six lanes of traffic and two sets of streetcar tracks, does not have a dock.


Yeah, it looks really pretty.


Fun spot that’s open late along the Embarcadero. I’d go back for the oysters & clams, tuna tartare, heirloom & embered tomatoes, and some cocktails specifically. There were no uni or spot prawns on the menu that day, unfortunately.

We drank a 1er Chassagne Montrachet, some 1er Chablis, and 2 cocktails - a bbq pineapple daquiri with coconut that was smooth as Marvin Gaye, and a maple Islay whiskey drink. All very good, particularly the daquiri.

Oysters & clams, with seaweed vinegar, meyer lemon, and hot sauce Beyond reproach; great! The seaweed vinegar was quite interesting and savory. Pacific Gem oysters and Cherrystone clams were our favorites.

Bigeye tuna tartare with tomato water gelee and shiso flowers (best dish of the night!)

Puffed rice cracker with seaweed dust (to scoop the tuna tartare with).

Albacore tuna with celery, fennel, and parsley (the one miss)

Simple lettuces and herbs (simple but very tasty and refreshing)

Heirloom and embered tomatoes (delicious! second best dish of the night. the dried tomatoes almost tasted like barbecue sauce)

Antelope tartare. (Nice, but I prefer the traditional beef tartare preparation. This almost tasted like a nice version of pepperoni on lettuce cups).

Parker rolls (with good butter)

Little abalones, grilled with lemon sauce

Nashville hot fried rabbit wrapped in foie gras. (Like a rich version of rabbit meatloaf; spice was mild, but it picked up with their house hot sauce).

Potato mille fuille with Cowgirl Creamery cheese and chive sauce (very nicely cooked!)

Melon sorbet. (Good, like concentrated fruit flavor, very pure, but also quite sweet. A little too sweet for me, actually, but it was ultra smooth.)


Price please?


Recent pictures of the menu with prices can be found on Yelp, here:

The oysters & clams were $4 each, tartares are in the $20’s range, etc.


What a lovely meal. I’ve never seen baby abolone served like that, it looks good.


Wow looks good!



Nice report @BradFord. Encouraging to hear that Saison’s casual spinoff is generally very good. In terms of execution, satisfaction, etc., would you say it’s like a Michelin 1 Star? Or more casual / less well executed than that? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks - I’m not sure about Michelin these days; I think they’re rather over-inclusive and predictable. There are some in SF that baffle me, 1* in particular, so I’m not sure a Michelin 1* is that good a gauge of a great restaurant anymore, unfortunately.

What I can say is that I really liked the oysters & clams, tuna tartare, heirloom tomato, potato, and simple salad. (note that the tuna doesn’t have a ton of taste but the dish is well composed with the heirloom tomato water gelee and shiso buds; delicious overall). I’d go back for those. And the super smooth daquiri. I’d also like to explore more of the menu - the whole fish, for example.

There’s no tasting menu but the cost can get up there, naturally. Ingredients were very nice across the board, but if I’m going to nitpick, I didn’t care for the albacore (olives were too strong; the toppings kind of fell off when you pick it up, I guess you could fold it but it didn’t eat as easy as most “crudos”), antelope was nice but I prefer classic preparations of steak tartare, the citrus on the abalones was a little strong (perhaps that’s intentional), and the rabbit was juicy (it was wrapped with foie before frying) but the meatloaf-like texture was not quite what I expected. Now, I’m known to be quite critical, but I definitely want to try it again. I will do the oysters & clams (these are beyond reproach, and the seaweed vinegar is so interesting!), tuna tartare, heirloom tomato (beautiful smoke flavor and different textures and flavors of tomato), and maybe the whole chicken, whole fish, or whole steak. Overall, ingredients are very good and execution is nice - there are some great dishes to try there and I’m glad it’s an option in SF.


There are 41 one-star restaurants on Michelin’s current SF list. None of the ones I’ve been to are bad, but it’s a very narrow selection.

Their Bib Gourmand list is a lot more representative of the Bay Area and has a lot more places I’d like to try or return to.