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Who knows a lot about food - the climactic scene of “Legally Blond”, or any episode of “Perry Mason”, comes to mind…“and if you knew beefsteak tomatoes were out of season, and you decided to serve sliced onions alone why did you charge $10 for a 39 cent onion?” “Because the boss is a famous chef?”


Well, I wouldn’t say that. But seriously @ebethsdad. Nobody’s bashing @robert. He’s defending a restaurant that some talkers didn’t like. It’s a matter of differences… with a peanut gallery. :wink:



What’s the place that has the dish with the fried peanuts? That’s what we should be eating whilst reading and commentating.


Fwiw it’s still listed as “onions - $10” online.


No one has mentioned that the “Ode to Peter Lugers” [sic] is not just missing Beefsteak tomatoes.
It is also missing the key ingredient that holds the stupid dish together at Peter Luger. Nobody eats the tomatoes and onions alone.

It is pure stupidity to have the ode without the sauce - which is easily sourced or copied; if you really want to make an homage do it right – or don’t do it at all – APL. Furthermore, it should be ode to Peter Luger (no fucking “s”) if you want to do it right (which, clearly, APL doesn’t give a shit about anyhow).


Following. If >10 people like, I go.


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But you gotta order those onions


I was wondering about that.

Every recipe I looked at mentioned some steak sauce dressing.

It doesn’t look like a mistake to me btw. They printed the menu as Cold sweet onions, That’s not a mistake -Then served ‘cold sweet onions’(sans dressing or tomatoes). Please correct me if i’m wrong. That’s intentional. That’s not some cooks mistake that went out by mistake. APL chose to put it on the menu and served it. No one else. It’s up to him to choose to own up to it or ignore it.

** @PorkyBelly : so were they cold and sweet?


Yes! I find the idea that the restaurant should change the price to reflect a missing ingredient kind of odd… Not in principle, but actually functionally. What are they going to change to the price to for a plate of raw onions? $5? I’d still find that… overpriced. I got raw onions for free at Javan (RIP). And I’d get lavash and butter, too.

And, truth be told, I find the idea of $10 for sliced tomatoes and raw sliced onions to be… bizarre. It’s not sushi; you don’t need impeccable knife skills honed over yrs-decades of experience to make this dish “work.” I assume cutting in the wrong direction won’t wreck your experience of… a tomato.

Ah. And now it makes sense. I was wondering why someone would pay $10 for tomatoes and onions alone.


Preparing it involved blood, sweat and tears. Well OK, OK… no blood and no sweat. But definitely tears.


I actually did get a sauce, but since everything was dumped on my table with zero explanation I had no clue it was a dressing for the half-ass “ode to peter lugers”, I seriously thought it was for the meat. When I flagged down a server to explain she said “it’s steak sauce, you can use it if you want”, so I used it (liberally)… with my steak.

The fact that they took the time to reprint new menus and update their website from “beefsteak tomato & onions $10” to “cold sweet onions $10” makes me seriously doubt that they “neglected to reprice the dish”, I think they thought they could get away with serving a plate of $10 raw onions.


Which they did. :wink:


He’s got more than 60 cameras at APL, and his staff will use hand signals to keep tabs on how many knives get dropped at each table.

it just occurred to me why the servers were creepily hovering, they’re watching you to make sure you don’t steal the fucking knives.


Of a clown? :frowning:


Which makes me want go, just to steal a knife. And to ask the sommelier to recommend a wine for the raw onion dish. :smiling_imp:


Satan, is that you? :rofl:


I was thinking the same thing when I read that the $950 was a deterrent against stealing the knives. They’re really worried about those damn knives.


We should all go to APL and bring our own Laguioles and refuse the knife service. I can bring my Bizen-den katana from the early Muromachi era.


I used to order the Mike Tyson at The Roxbury just so I could steal the swanky little shot glasses. A bartender told us that tiny drink was so expensive because everyone stole the glasses. They factored the cost into the the drink (plus a markup). After he said that, it was on. That shot glass went home with me every time. Hey, I was young.


Now you’re talking! But first I need to go buy an expensive knife. :relaxed: