Best Pizza by the Slice?


Bit of bad news. Slicetruck is no more. They couldn’t make the expansion work financially, so they’ve closed up shop and are trying to sublease the space(s).


That makes me sad. Only visited their west la location once after they moved away from sawtelle. Always loved their pizza.


I went today and it was excellent.

For me this stole the show:

This is the asparagus with fontina, mozzarella and ricotta, and a touch of chili flake. The crust was crispy, tad crunchy, but nice and chewy.


What did your plate of pizza cost for the 2 pepperoni slices and the 2 asparagus, fontina and mozz slices?


There were actually 4 slices of pepperoni and 3 of the asparagus for $22.00 including the tax.


Damn it, Gr8pimpin! now because of your review and mouth watering photos, I need to go back to Triple BeamPizza…was there much of a line? what time were you there?


I know, now that I’m seeing this post again and the photos, I’m salivating LOL!!

Mr. Maven, We were there Sunday just before 2pm. No line. One couple in front of us being served, only 1/2 the tables out back were filled. Though shortly after I ordered 5-6 people showed up.

Go to Galcos first and get a few old-time sodas to take with you!


thats good…it wasn’t crowded either…I went around 2:30 on a Wednesday…good reminder about Galco…gotta stop in there!


I would characterize it as steady traffic. Which I would think for their business that especially would be good. Can’t wait to go back.


yep! with definite periods of big crowds…rent can’t be too bad in
Lincoln heights compared to…


Great report! We actually hit Triple Beam the same day you did but right when they opened. Part of an eastside triple bang of Triple Beam, Pie Life, and Blazing Stone.

There was no line when we arrived at Triple Beam, but it was pretty long when we left about fifteen minutes later. I ordered an asparagus and a sausage but ended up with an extra pancetta slice by mistake. My friend got an asparagus and a margherita.

Tbh, I had mixed feelings about Triple Beam. The crust was a little chewy for my taste and my bite of the margherita was pretty bland. We did enjoy the asparagus and I thought the salty and spicy pancetta slice was the best of the bunch. Overall, however, I enjoyed Il Romanista in El Segundo a bit more.

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

And the undercarriage shot:

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

Next up was Pie Life in Pasadena. My slice looked beautiful with beautiful char on the undercarriage but the crust was a little bit of a letdown. It reminded me a lot of Vito’s Santa Monica – crisp but more like pastry dough than pizza crust.

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

And the undercarriage shot:

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

Last stop was my friend’s favorite pizza place in the area, Blazing Stone. I actually had high hopes based on pictures. Unfortunately, there was a mixup in our order and our pizza didn’t get cooked quite long enough. Also, the mushrooms and tomatoes made the crust soggy.

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

And the undercarriage:

New photo by Andrew Wilmar


I really look forward to trying it!!


Have you seen the 4 day Jet Blue NY Pizza delivery service? Ends Friday.


If it ever starts.


We didn’t order it because the three of us can’t survive on just one 16 inch pizza. They don’t let you order multiples.

That was just the pizza party the delivery was OK apparently.




Yes, really LOL

An 18” which is a standard large pizza is enough. But a 16” Pie with an extra thin crust? The kid alone can eat more than half… he is a solid 6’1” 210. ( he actually probably could eat almost the whole thing by himself)


Why can’t each of the three of you order one pizza each under his/her own name? That way, each person gets their own 16" pizza.


They said it was one per location when I called. I should do an Elaine (from Seinfeld) and convert the janitors closet from the building across the street into an apartment just to get food delivery.


Ah, now we have “the rest of the story.” :slight_smile: