Costco finds


Okay. Okay. Good to know.

FYI, Superking (on San Fernando Blvd, Los Angeles) also has garlic spread sold in a tub - and it is mighty fine. Very close to Zankou but you get a big tub (almost cup?) for less than $3. And it keeps.


I haven’t seen them in a while either in Reno or Seattle. Boo hoo.


I just bought some on Monday at my local TJs. Its in the fridge section, with the hummus and dips.


Thanks guys, went back today and bought some of the dip. Evidently, they had a garlic sauce (bottle) that they no longer carry. Can’t wait to try.


I have to try this! Thank you!


I shop at the Costco in Marina Del Rey in CA. I picked up a tub of sriracha hummus. Actually made by Huy Fong and the ingredients are better than Sabras. Not super spicy, a nice tang and good texture.

Good pairing with the mini pita breads Costco also stocks. The other way I’ve used this hummus is with roasted vegetables. The last 15 mins, I pull the veggies and throw them in a bowl. A few big spoonfuls of the hummus and a quick toss, then back onto the pan and into the oven. I’ve done this with broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. The flavors all play well together. Been meaning to try it with roast cabbage.


These coconut cookies are dangerous


Those go good with a bottle of rum.


Plaza de Caviar smoked sturgeon.


Not Costco but I saw osetra caviar at Safeway in Kings Beach yesterday. Didn’t stop and study.


Most things are.

Especially women.


These are very, very good. It’s not the best sausage I’ve ever eaten, but it’s one of the best beef sausages.


These are by far one of the best packaged sausages. Get 'em while you can. I pick up one or two packs every time I go to Costco (usually once a week), regardless of whether I already have some at home already. The supply seems abundant for two to four weeks, then the product is gone seemingly all of a sudden.


A not-find is capers :frowning:

This was our second visit to the one in Reno and they’re still not there.


Forget all that. Look for the Agostino Recca salt-packed capers. I think I got them for under $4. Order them from Amazon. You don’t need a ton of them. I found them to be the best


interesting, I have never seen these.


Oh, I know. But I’m cheap and like to use capers “with abandon” throwing them into various things.


The ones packed in salt, are so much better than the brined . Take that extra dollar fifty and spend it on these. Trying to get you out of your comfort zone. Haha😃


I shop at the Costco in 90292. Kiolbassa is with the other packaged sausages. If your Costco doesn’t carry this, I guess you can ask mgmt to start carrying it?


the other packaged sausages meaning the Aidelis stuff in the open air refrigerated cases? I’ll take a closer look next time.