CUT by Wolfgang Puck - Dinner (Thoughts / Pics)


Second that bone marrow flan! @Chowseeker1999 You can get it in the lounge, too, if you just want drinks and some appetizers. :slight_smile:


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their USDA Prime Steaks range from $49 - $64, which is shockingly in the same price range as the mediocre Ruth’s Chris
[/quote]That’s a really good point. You can get blinded by the exceptional choices on the menu. But they do have pretty good selections that are only semi-expensive :slight_smile:.

As far as Ruth’s Chris goes and others of that ilk, I prefer Fleming’s; preferably DTLA, but B.H. is cool. They have fantastic table service, good steaks and yes I’m a New Englander, but I like their duo of sweet Australian lobster tails. For wine lovers, they have a mind boggling-ly huge wine list. The biggest reason we love them though, is a friend gives us a big gift card every year :blush:. But, if you write a review, or buy a gift card, or go on your bday the restaurant gives you more gift cards. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s almost a game for us to see how far we can stretch it out.

Okay sorry… back to CUT.


Hi @TheCookie,

Ah, thanks for the info on the Snake River Farms American Wagyu Filet. :slight_smile: Good to know there’s another cut that’s recommended.

Yah, the Japanese A5 Wagyu is pricey, but since it was our friend’s birthday we felt it was worth the splurge and to just try some A5 Wagyu (which we almost never get usually). So glad we did; it was worth it for that amazing luscious taste. :slight_smile:

Re: Food & Wine - Hm… coincidence, or not? :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Thanks.


Hey, thanks. The Ruth’s Chris comparison is significant, however, I seem to recall RC has specials. Does Cut?


Hi @matthewkang,

What are your favorites to order? Thanks.


Have to say the gift card “angle” (either given to me, or to a family member) is the only reason I have visited Fleming’s (twice, both times in Beverly Hills). Both times the service was awful, the sides where worse and the steak - though a fine piece of meat - was quite poorly cooked, to my taste and most of the others in the family (no crunchy char at all).

Agree. Quickly.


any other MASTROS haters?
Every steak i’ve gotten there has not been good. Had better at Musso & Franks and even Dan Tanas (SRS).


Hi @skramzlife,

It’s been too long for me. I only went to Mastro’s Beverly Hills once, about 4 years ago? I’ve forgotten the meal except that I remember everyone in our party felt “so-so” about the experience. I don’t remember being blown away certainly, but if people are strongly recommending them now, we might give it another try.


Hi @CiaoBob -

That’s too bad. I know you like your char.

We’ve been to the B.H. Fleming’s once. The service was pretty good (too cramped and busy to be great), but the atmosphere is dismal. The Staple Center locale is cooler and the service was like an old-school steakhouse, with more than one waiter attending us. We only had to look up to get attention. It was my bday and they had a box of truffles and a gift card waiting at my table. These things make a meal better :slight_smile: that and the free part. Not being a major steak eater (I usually take bites of others) I’m just happy when it’s tender and the fat is crispy. But I love the Fleming’s Potatoes.

Okay so back to CUT. Not being a big steak eater, it says something that I remember that piece of meat after all these years.



Hi @skramzlife -

[quote=“skramzlife, post:27, topic:5703”]
any other MASTROS haters?
[/quote]This is a topic I’ve been hoping would come up. I haven’t been to Mastro’s enough times to hate it. But I do not like it at all.

Food: They once served me a ribeye that was too rare on the inside and not even crispy on the outside, let alone charred.

Service: I didn’t think the servers took the kind of care one would expect from such a place. They seemed to be always on the look out for celebrities and big ballers. A good example is Wolfgang Puck (CUT) came to our table of two non-celebrities, welcomed us and asked if we were enjoying our meal.

But my biggest problem with Mastro’s and what irritates me most when they are compared to CUT is I suspect their meat is probably sourced from the same type of distributors as places like Fleming’s.

A lot will disagree, but I think if you take away Mastro’s bling and the eye candy, there is not much too it. And okay, excuse my crudeness, but is there a chance you guys are thinking with the wrong head when judging Mastro’s? My guy friends have told me the wildest stories about that place.

Thanks for the opportunity to express these long held opinions :blush:.


Hi @Chowseeker1999 - [quote=“Chowseeker1999, post:28, topic:5703”]
I don’t remember being blown away certainly, but if people are strongly recommending them now, we might give it another try.
[/quote] Oh no, no, no. :grin:. That was not a recommendation at all. It was a comparison to Ruth’s Chris. And that comparison was to Fleming’s in DTLA not Beverly Hills.


agreed 100% @TheCookie…Horrible char on the way they cook their steaks. Service sucks. Atmosphere is shit wannabe ballers.

I’ve had a bone in rib eye twice and a filet (the three times i’ve been there) and left VERY disappointed every time.

Like I said, had way better streaks at Dan Tanas, Frank and Musso’s, STK Westwood…of course Chi Spacca.

Still need to hit Cut personally, the way @Chowseeker1999’s steaks look is EXACTLY how I like them (char + smokiness). Can’t wait to go soon. Had an amazing rack of lamb at Spago in March, so can’t wait to see how Puck is killing it at Cut.


I don’t hate or dislike mastros as much as the rest of you. I had a pretty solid experience, granted I’ve only been once. I had Mastro’s special 30 something ounce australian waygu bone in tomahawk and that was delicious, perfectly cooked with good char on the outside and a medium rare (closer to rare) inside that was probably one of the best pieces of beef I’ve ever tasted. Plus it was ginormous so I got to eat a ton of it as it was only me and another diner. On the same visit we also ordered the petite filet mignon and that piece of beef did not compare at all to the waygu.

I was not very impressed by their sides. I imagine that this is the type of place I would bring an older out of town client, they would love it, but I haven’t been back because there’s so many more interesting places to eat at and I only crave a great steak (and am willing to pay) about 1 or 2 times a year.


Mastros was really great for about 5 years but was sold:

Then it was resold:

Now it sucks big time.


I’ve had much better experiences at the Maestros in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. The service is better at both of the OC outposts. I’m not sure if that is due to full time waiters in the OC vs working actors in BH who are looking out for celebs and ballers. But it was certainly noticeable. The BH lounge on the 3rd floor is the worst where it seems like there are a lot of working girls and a much different club like atmosphere. I’ll never go back to Maestro in BH.

Cut is just on another level compared to Maestro or any other steak house in LA/OC due to the quality of the meats + the amazing sides/desserts that are like afterthoughts every where else.


Well the last time I went was 6 years ago so maybe that explains the current consensus around here!


Cuts menu prices seem very reasonable for the quality of food being offered.



[quote=“skramzlife, post:32, topic:5703”]
Like I said, had way better streaks at Dan Tanas, Frank and Musso’s, STK Westwood…of course Chi Spacca.
[/quote]Much cooler places too. I think Chi Spacca is one of @CiaoBob’s personal faves.


like Chi but Cut has the best steak and sides.


Hi @mcmichael,

The 3 times I’ve been to Ruth’s Chris we only saw their regular menu prices (no special events running). Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve only been to CUT once, but there were no special discounts. Thanks.