Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN


No surprise in the year of the rooster that you all want a little, well, you know.

CHICKEN IT IS! Roasted, fried, brined, spatchcocked, and whatever other way you can torture a bird.




Damn…I totally forgot when I ordered lunch yesterday, so I forgot to take a photo. I went to Pollo Inka Express (Peruvian) in Hawaiian Gardens and got a quarter dark meat rotisserie chicken and dipped it in the lovely green aji sauce. It was a cheap and quick meal (they have a drive-thru!) while I was out running errands. Chicken was moist and flavorful and that spicy, herbaceous aji was solid.


I love that place (Hermosa locale) and the almost identical Chicken Shack down the street :thinking:. If we lived close to a drive-thru I’d eat it every other day.


Folks eat so much chicken, I think there will be a lot of forgetting to post. It’s probably the only flesh I couldn’t give up; well, except lobster :hugging:. Even my youngest, Mr. PETA, said if he started eating meat again it would be poultry. Supposedly chickens are one of the least likely to become an endangered animal, and the easiest to raise “humanely”.

This could get kind of epic, like the Vegetable thread; probably my reigning favorite so far.

Happy Chicken Eating Everyone!!!


Chef Hideyo at Restaurant 2117 is making an incredible chicken steak - Juicy yet crispy de-boned chicken, roasted to perfection with aglio, olio e peperoncino Parmigiano, served with fried potato halves and steamed vegetables…


I should just submit my whole thread on Fried Chicken as ideas to start this month. :slight_smile:


Good idea. I’ve been tempted to link yours to the Fried Chicken Rundown :grin:.


that look great


I love this month.


Chicken Dumpling Soup, Gjusta.

FTC confession: I strongly dislike chicken meat, so I didn’t actually eat the chicken. But the broth was very good, it had a tang, was intensely chickeny, and had little globules of fat on top. And the dumplings were the square kind, which I’ve only had in Pennsylvania. Excellent bowl of soup.


Stongly is such a strong word


that certainly looks amazing.


Yah, I can see myself dunking their bread into that soup. :heart_eyes:


“Spicy” Lemon Garlic Chicken from Chicken Maison in Torrance.


[quote=“Bookwich, post:11, topic:5052”]
FTC confession: I strongly dislike chicken meat
[/quote]Your unusual food confessions could have their own thread. I’m going to start compiling a list; starting with never having had a candy bar!


Didn’t we have a thread like that already? I think we definitely had one like that on CH. It was something like, “I’m a CH outcast b/c _____.”


I’m not super fond of chicken unless it’s been slathered in mayo, deep fried, etc. I do like chicken soup, though. :slight_smile:


Slathering Chicken with Mayo is one of my joys in life; possibly my favorite food combo, next to Lobster & Mayo :wink:.


I ate some of the lollipops and hard candies. And black licorice. American candy and desserts are VERY sweet.


Agree that most American sweets are disgustingly sweet, but I think lollipops are the worst! Would prefer a candy bar over a lollipop. :wink:

I’m a lobster and butter kind of guy. :slight_smile: Have we ever had a lobster-only DoTM???