Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS



Ever been to:

-Riders Club Cafe
-Pete’s Gourmade


I’ve been to Pete’s. They have a great burger there. My only quibble is that I think dill pickles would be better than the bread & butter pickles they use. I haven’t tried the other two. I don’t get down there a whole lot, and there are some other really good options.


Mayo on fries is awesome . Mix with ketchup . Or better yet curry ketchup . Popular in Germany .


Good burger, fries suck.

The reason I do go more often is because of the fries.


I went once and regretted not saving the calories for Cream Pan across the 5 fwy.


My cousin is going to Germany. Maybe this time I’ll ask for curry ketchup instead of chocolate. That oughta’ throw her for a loop.


Chocolate from Germany? Unless it’s Kinder Überraschung or Haribo Gummibärchen for the kids, yeah, definitely ask for curry instead. Now if there’s a stop in Belgium, that’s a different story…


Haha… that’s funny. I’m not sure about the dark chocolate (husband’s fave), but I think the chocolate she brings is actually Belgium. We can get the Kinder here now and it tastes really good. But I wonder if it’s the same as Germany.



I was trying to decide on N.S.'s or Belcampo’s blend for this weekend’s burgers. In my search I came across a Chowhound post that insisted her blend had too much fat for pan frying and must be grilled. I don’t know, yours looks pretty darn good to me! What do you think the reasoning is behind that theory?

Anyone feel free to jump in. Ahem… @nashwill, you were part of the CH conversation as well.



i say go for Nancy SIlverton’s. reasonably priced and they make a really good burger. It’s my Go-To. I drive from the SGV to pick up a couple of pounds when it’s burger time.


i haven’t really noticed too fatty myself… let’s remember blends vary, especially over time as prehistoric as Chowhound. never bought belcampo for home use. my cast iron is big enough where i could leave a lot of the rendered fat in the pan


bring me some frozen dumplings from Beijing Pie House next time! i’m across the street :stuck_out_tongue:


Cost Plus World Market carries some of the German Kinder chocolates. They actually have a good selection of international candy.


@ TheCookie – I’m too old to remember anything that happened less than twenty years ago, which apparently includes this entire thread … but I can tell you that it’s been an awfully long time since I cooked my last burger. Too many perfectly adequate (or better, or MUCH better) burgers to be had around Pasadena, and I can allow myself maybe two a month. However, I will say that flat-grilled always beats flame-grilled in my books, so if I wanted to cook one I would fire up my baby Weber and then put one of my iron skillets on it, because my exhaust fan doesn’t work anymore.

As for “too fat to pan-fry”, all I can say is that James Beard always recommended high-fat meat because cooking causes the meat to lose fat first, then moisture, and the more fat there is to lose the less moisture will be lost. I hope that’s clear enough. I once tried to make a low-fat bratwurst, and it came out tasting like pork-and-mace-flavored balsa wood, which belatedly reminded me of Beard’s warning. So I have never bought ground beef leaner that 80%, 70 if I can get it.


Pann’s patty melt is just about the best, although it’s twice as much hamburger as I have any business consuming. I will say that when I took my (somewhat) younger brother, a fairly skinny biker, there on a visit a few years back, he sucked that monster down in about ten minutes and started asking about dessert … but I have decided that Pie’n’Burger’s little teeny but really expensive one is the best around here.

The Busy Bee Cafe in Ventura makes another monster that is also very, very good.


your book is right… maximize that contact with the pan… get that cast iron smoking… smash it to stick in first 15 seconds only…



Just the peeps I wanted burger advice from. It’s agreed… Yes to Silverton. Yes to CI (on or off grill). And ignore the prehistoric CH thread. Got it.

TBC… :hamburger:


Oh yeah… Thanks for the reminder.


One of the things I really like about the patty melt at Pann’s is you can order any of their sides. You’re not limited to fries or a salad. Their wonderful greens is an option.


I mean burger flame broiled over smokey mesquite coals are nothing to sneeze at but it’s a different burger.