Dish of the Month (DoTM) – SEPTEMBER 2016 – THAI


E-Sea Fresh (at LAX-C plaza), Duck Noodle Soup. Nice anisey/5 spice flavor broth.

Chimney Coffeehouse (also at LAX-C), Thai inspired breakfast sandwiches with a pour over coffee

Pok Pok’s Fish Sauce Wings and house special cocktail, Tamarind Whiskey Sour


I had the Jade Noodles from Luv2Eat this weekend (this time dry vs. wet, which I had last time) and was pretty blown away. So freaking good. I loved the version at Sapp when I went recently, as well, but the Luv2Eat ones are aces. Also had some bites of the Pad Thai, which was one of the better versions I’ve tasted.

On the way out I picked up some pandan rolls from their lil bakery shelves, which, I totally forgot I’d bought until I just typed out this sentence. I’ll have to try those later, assuming that my cat hasn’t already eaten them.


Agree, both are real good but I prefer L2E’s Jade noodle.


Hi @CiaoBob,

For Luv2Eat’s Jade Noodles, should we get dry or wet? Thanks.


Matter of preference, really not all that different, but I like dry and then add the soup - which is great - as I go.


It’s happening more and more lately. Here is a pretty decent version from Mali - Thai Street Food (in K-town):

The rice could have been a bit more fragrant, but the chicken and soy/garlic and spicy sauces were great, and the really nice soup was the saving grace of it all.


Sweet. I live 10 minutes away. The menu looks great. It’s very chicken friendly. Well, maybe not so friendly to the chicken itself. But I’m all over it. Even the Wonton Soup is chicken & shrimp. I love soup and had mentioned wanting to find a local place w/good Tom Yum… so we’ll see. Is this place new? I don’t remember it coming up during Thai Month.

I :heart: chicken & rice


Mali has been open for about 6 weeks.

If you enjoyed “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, then may I present: “Juan Likes Chicken & Rice”


I :heart: those guys too.



I know Siam Sunset has Hainan Chicken Rice everyday. I enjoyed my plate and the price. The diner is attached to a Hollywood No-tel. You might like a bowl of chicken porridge,too.

Chinese immigration and local adaptation can explain your confusion in seeing this dish at Thai places. Quite a few Vietnamese places serve up this dish as well. Also very popular in Malaysia. Perhaps we need a Chowseeker1999 type of thread for chicken rice?

Siam Sunset is probably one of my favorite Thai places. I would say it is underrated


But WHEN is Night+Market opening in Venice?


They told me Aug. 2016.


I didn’t realize this. When we were in Hong Kong, Thailand & Vietnam it was during the bird flu scare. Nobody was eating chicken.

I’ve probably passed Siam Sunset a thousand times. Thanks!

[quote=“JeetKuneBao, post:151, topic:4144”]
Perhaps we need a Chowseeker1999 type of thread for chicken rice?


Siam Sunset

Khao Ka Moo

Pork Leg had some nice fatty pieces, and had a nice hint of anise flavor. The side sauce is sweet, tart, and a little spicy. Marinated egg and pickled veggies.
Research shows this is a very popular lunch in Thailand.

Find it interesting how Thai’s use a fork and spoon together


it’s my understanding, and my casual observance, the fork is used to push the food onto the spoon.
i think i read somewhere it’s supposedly rude to put a fork in your mouth.

i’m happy to be corrected on this.




I like how she whips the trash bowl out of nowhere haha

The one thing that continues to confuse me about Thai food eating etiquette is, what are the chopsticks for? Why do Thai places all put them out when they don’t seem to have any function?


…to eat noodles?


In what way? Why not just use the same fork-to-spoon method?


In the same way that all asians use chopsticks to eat noodles?