Eataly - Century City


Just to clarify - not in ANY way justify - he used the Spotted Pig’s “rape room.” I unsubscribed from his regular newsletter and wrote him. Just sayin’.


Hmmn. That’s a good question, It was a dark and stormy night. No actually, it was a hectic day where I didn’t have time to eat lunch and I found myself at Eataly around 5:00 p.m. and just ravenously sat down for some Roman pizza and I don’t exactly recall what I grabbed. I believe it was perhaps a “white” slice - just white cheese and mushrooms or something like that. In any event, it served its duty of fueling me for the evening.


It seems easy to boycott a place serving crap- like Papa John’s.

Batali and Bastianich- with the new LA hot- spot, not so much. Between the over $5 million tip settlement, issues with Lidia as well (tips at Felidia, enslavement lawsuit), they don’t appear to be particularly nice or even decent employers.


I’d like to hear more about this if you have the time. Please.


@catholiver, I’m not so good at posting links but if you do a Google search the info is easy to find regarding the tips issues. Lidia’s enslavement I believe is ongoing, unless they settled. Last I read was in 2014.


Awkward… (seen near the olive oil area…)


Thanks. Will do.


I buy Nancy’s Fancy online .Go to website, A 6 pack of her gelato is a great gift. I do a Custom Pack and choose a few different flavors or, a couple of weeks ago bought 2 butterscotch budino, 2 roasted banana, 1 chocolate fondant and 1 salted peanut butter. All delicious. Good customer service. Packed well, too.


Shipping must be pretty expensive?


It is $9.99 to west coast.I have had it shipped to Marin County and Los Angeles area. Last time I ordered, received 20% coupon for next order.


Apparently Gelson’s also distributes


Just looked at website. 10& off first order. I would prefer to have it delivered via FEDEX and avoid Gelson’s, particularly during holiday season.


Thank you for this link: just placed orders for family I won’t be with over Christmas - they’ll be thrilled and I’m no longer stressing over what to send!


You are most welcome. They will love it


Ate at the pasta and pizza place on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t too crowded at lunchtime except for the pasta and pizza place. The suppli were fantastic. Great cheesy well cooked inside and crunchy exterior. The tagliatelli and lasagna were ok but we’ve certainly had better at many LA restaurants. Something was missing from the sauces but the pasta was cooked nicely. The serving sizes were much larger than we anticipated.

The real reason to go to Eataly is for their meats, seafood and produce. The dry aged prime steaks were amazing. The rib eye was $33 per lb and the porterhouse was $31 per lb. Great stuff.


Wow! That seems like a super price.


I cooked a super aged ribeye from eataly…probably a bit too fatty and too aged (almost had a blue cheese flavor) for me to eat - or pay for - regularly. But was quite special.


I wonder if that is something eaten a bit more medium cooked? Normally I prefer rare / mid rare with high quality meat. That is an interesting question


Agree. The rib eye was very funky with blue cheese like smell. The porterhouse was less funky. Both delicious and cooked to perfect medium rare ish. Probably something we would only eat 1-2 per year.


Been traveling so haven’t hit Eataly since December. Went today (Feb. 5) at 3 p.m. and everything was nice and calm and you could move freely in the aisles. Very pleasant (wondering if it is still crazy at lunch time).

I don’t care what the haters say, but I quite like the Roman pizza. Had the provolone Cacio e Pepe. Inexpensive, filling and tasty. I think part of the problem with the haters is that their expectations are of what we more commonly think of pizza with lots of gooey cheese and tons of other toppings, so they think the bread to topping ratio is off. Once you accept that the Roman pizza is a completely different animal – more of a bread with a bit of topping than what we tend to think of as pizza – you can fairly evaluate it.

Since I was already on a carb roll, I stopped downstairs on my way out to pick up a pastry from the cafe to take back to the office. Wasn’t expecting much, but was very pleasantly surprised by the puff pastry apricot thing I picked up. Not sickening sweet and about the same price you would pay for the God-awful stuff that passes for pastry at Starbucks.

If Eataly would just stock my favorite olive oil – Olio Verde – all would be perfect. I can’t understand how they can carry as many olive oils as they do and not stock Olio Verde, which unfortunately Gelson’s stopped carrying. I spotted it for sale last month at Otto restaurant in New York City and actually thought about carting it back in my luggage, but passed lest I end up with clothes soaked in very expensive olive oil.