Farmers market, currently in season PSA


Wow, back at y’all! :blush: Thanks!

I’ll do a little something on that vendor to the right of Carlos’. She was there the 2nd weekend selling stone fruits. We were loaded down with stuff, but couldn’t walk past the only other produce vendor at the market. :peach:

Right now it’s less of a PSA and more of a BOLO @Chowseeker1999. I emailed Carlos and will also call the number on the sign. :crossed_fingers:

You’re so right about farmers markets vs. grocery stores. I started getting the CSA boxes too. It’s like, Ohhh… so this is how it’s supposed to taste. I remember now.

I think farmers markets can also improve how we shop in a grocery store. By becoming familiar with in-season produce we can make better choices at brick & mortars. Tomatoes are a big problem. It would be inconceivable to walk in a grocery store and not find tomatoes any time of year, no matter how bad they taste. But I was at the farmers market on La Cienega and Washington a couple months ago and something seemed off. I realized there was only one vendor with tomatoes - just a small pile of green ones. This is a rinkydink market, but they still represent what’s in-season. I started to feel for Mr. APL (kinda’) and his tomato dilemma. Anyway, I made the connection, if you want to eat seasonal but can’t shop farmers markets often, do yourself a favor and go at least once a season to see what the harvest is. Plus you’re supporting California growers and helping the environment by buying local. Okay, that was my tree hugging moment. I’ll stop now.

BTW @Midlife, did you find your green tomatoes?

Happy Local / Seasonal Produce Shopping!

:corn: :tomato: :peach:


Sad tomato story. :frowning:

But the good news is, the markets are overflowing with tomatoes right now! Mar Vista, Santa Monica, Culver City all have good tomatoes. I have 10 pounds in my house right now, and I’ve already gorged myself on all manner of tomato food all week. :yum:


That’s funny :smiley:… It was actually meant to show how the farmers markets are truly seasonal where as grocery stores are not. If farmers don’t have something then we probably shouldn’t be eating it, as it’s most likely grown in an artificial environment.


Oh! Gotcha. :nerd_face:


Ehh, for me if it’s delicious I’m still ok with it even though I try to avoid stuff from the southern hemisphere based on the emissions necessary to bring it up here. The notion of what is “artificial” and what is “natural” is just so fluid. Is a greenhouse artificial? Is regular irrigation artificial?

Now with that said, the tomatoes and stone fruit I’ve gotten the last month or so at various farmers’ markets has blown the Whole Foods versions out of the water.


Yeah, good point, if it’s delicious then why not. I used to champion greenhouse, hot house or whatever you call it, because I could get what I wanted all year-round. But I don’t know what they’re doing now, because hardly any of it tastes delicious.


Speaking of emissions - future brides, grooms and anyone planning an event - try to go local, seasonal when selecting flowers as well.

Okay, now I’ll really stop. :relaxed:


Thanks for “tree hugging” and also some great posts. We’ll go to ours tomorrow and ‘refuel.’ Looking for a tomato like THAT ONE :slight_smile: