February 2018 Weekend Rundown


Cuz, tis never too early for the weekend, especially when there’s only 28 days.


Breakfast burrito hack:

Breakfast burrito, with scrambled egg, red potato, onion, cilantro from Taqueria Los Anaya (West Adams), filled with Taiwanese fried oysters from Nice Time Cafe (Monterey Park)…

Absolutely glorious.


Unexpected find by CSUF. I actually walked out of the Philz Coffee in Fullerton without paying, went back to pay, then came upon this

On the shelves all types of sambal and

And to the side a container

I’ll try my best and describe as I never had Indonesian food.

Chicken with a sweet onion-tomato sauce.

Hard boiled egg with sambal.


Coconut Rice.


This was all pretty tasty even at room temp so I can only imagine when hot. Cost was around $8. Just a box with so much different flavors!


Stopped by Night + Market Sahm tonight around 10:45; think I was the last person to be seated before closing. Got the peking duck pizza and a napa cabbage and rice cakes dish. While the pizza was perfectly good (though nothing special), the rice cakes dish was just plain special. It was napa cabbage, in a fermented pineapple pepper sauce with bird chiles, with a bunch of rice cakes buried under the cabbage. Hot, sweet, peppery, and just plain delicious, especially over rice. Tastes a lot better than it looks. A great dish.



drunken noodles

crab rolls (new)

phuket style crab curry kanomjean

mee pad hokkien

jade noodles

kua gling - ribs

kua going - fish

tom yum

salted egg papaya salad

moo ping

crying tiger


bbq pork rice


Looks amazing. How are their drunken noodles? Never had that there.


Really nice spread! How was the BBQ pork? Curious if it’s different from the “garden variety” BBQ pork/charsiu found just about everywhere else. Thanks…




Are they back to using all-beef dogs now? I’ve not been in ages (about 4 years ago), and back then, they had switched to a pork and chicken dog…it paled in comparison to the beef version, but the batter was still excellent.


I don’t think it’s all beef.

While the cart at Main Street is classic I wished I had the corn dogs inside California Adventure because they have hot link, cheddar cheese, and chicken-apple.


it was delicious, you could just smell the wok hei coming from the noodles, as good as it looks.

the bbq pork was okay, the same pork they use in the jade noodles, probably won’t order again. we wanted to get the chinese sausage fried rice, but got this instead by mistake.


Well, that settles it for dinner selection tonight…


Connie and Ted’s :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Adult beverage

Chefs selection oysters…all were really good. My favorite were at 12 o’clock

Brocolini with lemon and breadcrumbs :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: damn tasty, and the broccolini was super thin which I have not seen at any Farmers Markets

Hot fuckin Lobster roll :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and the fuckin fries were really fuckin good this time. Been here a handful of times and I don’t remember the fries being this good. WTF??

Blondie…a bit too sweet for me…less sauce would have made it better…the brownies across the street at MedMen looked better.

Basil and pineapple sorbet :heart_eyes: very nice


Team Connecticut style, hot with hot butter 4 life!


Define better… :+1:



Glad you liked Connie & Ted’s. Re: Fries, right? They make some of the best Fries in LA. Crunchy on the outside, lightly fluffy inside. So good! :heart:


I think our esteemed @Chowseeker1999 can do a side by side review, Connie and Teds vs MedMen. I would advise trying MedMen first, then curing the munchies at Connie and Teds. :joy:

Bang bang MedMen x Connie and Teds x Raku???


Yes, they are excellent. It is weird because my previous visits, the fries were not as good. This visit they were fantastic.


I’m in.


Figures… :upside_down_face::dog: