Felix - Venice


I did it the old fashioned way–in person.


typically, i drink it on my couch and at restaurants. with an apparently too cursory glance, i didnt care for the prices of the wine on the list.
ive seen worse and ive seen better. i prefer better.
if a wine list doesnt have a good selection of wines in the 35 to fifty dollar range, i think its a drag.
thats me. arent i dull?


How can you compare restaurant prices to retail wine prices? Restaurant prices are commonly 2-3x retail prices as a standard matter.

I mean, I would love to drink $35 bottles of good wine at restaurants, but what restaurants even have them? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bottle that low in LA unless it’s some kind of really lowball stuff that is on a menu somewhere in Thai Town or something… maybe that’s what you’re referring to, as opposed to places like Bestia, Sotto, Republique, etc…?

Put another way, I’d like to know some of these magical places you’re drinking at, other than your couch, to which I presume I am unable to get a table :stuck_out_tongue: lol


I am just stopping here . Oh , fuck me you have got to be kidding .$1,200 for a cocktail or the 10 k martini . I hope so .


mind blown


um…i’m not and i know.

i have not been to bestia or sotto. republique’s wine list i don’t recall – love the cocktails there – but i’m sure
it’s annoyingly high.
i apologize for not being able to name particular restaurants for you. i just gave a general range on how much i like
to spend on a bottle of wine at a restaurant. i spend more when i have to. it’s highly likely you are correct and i
should have adjusted up to 60 dollars.
the point, for me – and clearly i’ve made it poorly – is i like to see a decent selection of lower priced wines on a wine list, whatever the food costs or wherever the place is located. i didn’t see that on felix’s list, partly in error.

there is nothing magical about my couch, unless you’re into dog hair, food crumbs, a partner i clearly don’t deserve but appreciate more than breathing hard, and the world’s crankiest man shouting at the t.v.


Tons and tons of reservation spots were just released onto Resy, so have at it guys!


Huh, I wonder what happened? Only pretty much before 6 or after 9 available now, but that suits me fine. Anyone else going to be there tomorrow night?


I just got burned going – against my better judgment – to Verlaine during the first week or so.
Not doing that again, though I think Funke is a much, much safer bet.

Be there in a few weeks! Look forward to your thoughts.


You saw my thread about his dinner Animal right? haha

I am going to be absurdly unhappy if I get burned… I feel like I’ve been having mostly subpar meals lately, but Felix has been on my radar as the most sure bet in existence. I was always suspicious of Verlaine, but a small part of me might actually die inside if Felix is as incredible as his pop-up food :frowning:


I don’t see anything early or late or otherwise for Saturday via Resy. A dark sadness is upon me.


Reservations the day before? I seem to recall Bucato had some kind of policy like that.


I think you could be right. I’ll test the theory tomorrow.


It would explain why there was a sudden flood of reservations today haha


Actually in this case you may have been better off going to Verlaine in the very first few days, since “Sergio” was still cooking on-site and hadn’t gone back to Mexico yet.


Based on @Chowseeker1999 & @CiaoBob experience, I think “Sergio” took the opportunity to vaca in LA instead of getting the house in order. Hope he picked up some nice tees and kicks :+1:


He’d already left – if he ever came!




I decided to wait for the initial craze to die down. Have been burned too many times recently going to restaurants opening week. Too many things go wrong outside of the chef’s control.


I am feeling like I have some kind of stomach flu myself at the moment but I’m thinking pasta might be ok for the stomach and the soul?

Also, it really feels like Felix has been slow rolling everyone and taking their time. I believe the same kitchen staff is there that did the Animal pop up with Funke so he has a sort of pre-tested kitchen.

But it’s the there are a lot of variables in the air.

Did the on day limit in reservations turn out to be true? Haha