Felix - Venice




Not as bad as I expected


The portions are absurdly generous as well.

And the pasta is fucking incredible.


damn this is perfect. i expected the pastas to be 5 bucks more a dish. looks wonderful


With included 20% tip and tax I spent $86 for the three dishes and two glasses of excellent wine.

I had to cancel my second pasta because the portions are so generous but I’ll return ASAP.

They hit the ground running. Easily the best pasta in LA immediately, probably better than that.

And the space is roomy and quiet and open pretty late…

I think my only slight issue would be the focaccia is drier than at Bucato but it tastes more like actual focaccia now as opposed to more cake-y. I sort of liked the cake thing but it’s still pretty great.

I can’t wait to try their fiorentina which they’re sourcing from 5 dot farms, but don’t have just yet.


Awesome. I found a pretty reasonable time reservation next Sunday and took it once I saw the prices as initial glowing reaction.


A grand choice.

I wonder how the pizzas are.



fiori di zucca - squash blossoms, fior di latte, green garlic
I predict this will be their most popular dish, almost every table ordered this. The squash blossoms were perfectly cooked and had a super light, delicate and greaseless batter, reminded me of the stuffed squash blossoms I had in italy and tempura from japan. Delicious.

spaghetti, bottarga di muggine, xvo, peperoncino
The bottarga really shined, briny and a little bitter. Pasta was perfectly al dente as expected. Pretty good.

tonnarelli cacio e pepe
Text book. Solid.

orecchiette, sausage sugo, rapini, peperoncino, pecorino
My favorite of the night, the rapini really balanced everything out.


Overall, everything was really good and surprisingly reasonably priced with generous portions. Not like that republique bullshit. I hope they do some more meat and seafood pastas and don’t pull a cassia and start raising prices. Service was really professional. Bill included a 20% “service charge” with a line for “additional gratuity”.

salt & straw bang bang


wow everything looks so good

i predict a 50% price increase within the next 6 months.


It would be worth it but I wish they would just cut the portions instead lol




Theory unsupported. No flood of openings via Resy today. Drat!


The wait was worth it.

My party size was large enough to order all eleven available pastas (they were not serving the casonsei). Pictures attached.

The squash blossoms were incredible and a must-order, the best “tempura” I’ve had in LA. That and the focaccia were the highlights from the starters we sampled.

The pasta was almost across the board fantastic. The only ones I’d recommend passing on are the spaghetti and the capunti. They weren’t bad but the flavor profiles aren’t as strong as the others.

Pasta dump

Capunti (pass):

Skip the pizza – Gjelina up the street does it better.




Which are the first and third pastas.

What are the desserts?


The first one looks like the capunti, third is the orecchiette. Desserts are tiramisu, olive oil cake, and budino.


That tiramisu looks amazing.


I thought the first one was the busiati but I could be wrong. It’s one of the two I didn’t love.

The tiramisu was very strong but the budino stole the show for the dessert.

In general I think the pastas with meat (mezzamaniche, paparadelle, gnochetti) were stronger than the ones without. The fat and oil just adds so much richness of flavor that the others seem paler in comparison.


What kind of budino?


There needs to be an official FTC secret handshake! or maybe a ‘where the F* is Kevin’ Tee. looks like the group was well represented for the opening lol


that’s what it looks like but it wasn’t on tonight’s menu