Foie Gras: Gone Again?


Just bought some delicious foie from Epicurous Gourmet so definitely still legal.



Yes, they have foie, and yes it’s quite good.

But if you go, try either the braised short rib, or if it’s still on offer the 55oz bone-in ribeye.

And then unbuckle your belt and settle in for a piece (or two or three) of White Chocolate Cheesecake. You can thank me later when I see you on treadmill.

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Thanks, robert.

So why wouldn’t this apply to cows and pigs and chickens, etc.?

"The Ninth Circuit’s unanimous ruling issued today gives states the right to ban the production and sale of cruel and inhumane products, as California did with its foie gras law,”

Low hanging fruit indeed.


The law put only one small farm out of business.


The only one in CA. I’m still pleased that I bought two lobes a few weeks before they closed.


Any law that would put factory farms that supply supermarkets and restaurants out of business would not get passed in the first place, so it would not get to the courts.


If PETA is smart, they can use this as a stepping stone to arguing that factory-farmed “product” is the result of cruel and inhumane practices.


Too much big money in Big Ag. Will never happen.


At least in California, legislators are open to requiring more humane practices, as evidenced by the 2008 law regarding chicken cages.

PETA wants to ban meat, not require humane practices. They only got the foie gras ban through because the legislators bought the false argument that it was particularly inhumane.


I’m okay with banning factory farmed meat. It’s why I pay $100 for a Thanksgiving turkey, instead of $23 at the supermarket.


I’d vote for requiring humane treatment of all farm animals, but there would be massive spending by the factory meat industry to oppose any such law. It’ll be interesting to see how that chicken initiative does next year.


But many people CAN’T pay $100 for a turkey. In addition people in the US are eating so much meat that they don’t want to pay the high prices that farm raised meat would cost.


Before we worry about animals, I think we should start treating humans, humanely.


We can do both.


You give us too much credit.


I could just “thumbs up” but I find this argument too often about too many things. We humans (and some animals) are capable of multi-tasking. The more the merrier :slight_smile:


My guess is that the ducks or geese don’t mind being force fed and may actually enjoy it. Ducks are very stupid creatures. I’m not going to feel sorry for animals that go around pecking each other all day. More generally, animals are far less concerned about the well-being of animals than we are. But from a food perspective, I think it’s a good thing if foie gras isn’t widely available. It’s not the kind of thing I want to eat more than once a year, and it’s a little too ubiquitous on restaurant menus.


Nobody is stuffing it down your throat :wink:


I hardly ever see it on menus.


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