Food Free-for-All


Smoked water? I…what?


I know! What??


Also, I love Eric Ripert, but fuck him with the black truffle. Not literally. Well, yeah, maybe literally.


Hilarious. I thought the same thing! You and I are getting the same things from this list.


Seriously, I mean, you can’t cook without grouse in your kitchen? Only two people said salt, lol.


I know! Some were trying too hard. I wonder if any of them felt pretentious after reading other chefs say salt or lemon :smile:.


Just read this. We’re leaving for Rio on Weds and will be there for three weeks. Have a little apartment so will take a few things. A small amount of “good” oo and vinegar, s&p, ten or so spices including fennel seed which I adore. I think I’ll pass on the smoked water and black truffle :slight_smile:


I’m going to miss you. Feel free to send a few pics. No pressure :grin:.


Aw, thanks. I like the new-old format. Encourages me. I plan to post on some eats in case anyone else goes to our wonderful Rio.


I don’t know how well truffles would hold up in Brazilian weather, but WOW - you know how much you’re going to miss your smoked water… :wink:

Have a great time!


I’ll probably have to substitute caipirinhas!!! Starting tomorrow.


Now yur talkin’! Saúde!


Saude back atcha! Our MO is to quickly change clothes, head to the beach, sit under an umbrella and have caipirinhas (plural) and grilled sausages and onions.


National Cheeseburger Day, September 18th - Discounts & Freebies


I just rediscovered how much I love Kit Kats.

I just dusted off a giant movie sized packet of Kit Kats and about 1/2 jar of homespun peanut butter.




Give that combo a heavy dusting of konako powder mixed with fine/powdered sugar.


Nah, gotta stay healthy.


Vintage Mega-Kit Kat + peanut butter = healthy.

Consume + vintage Mega-Kit Kat + peanut butter = blue face

Blue face = healthy outcome



Here you go waffle makers