Food I Ate as a Child That I'm Pretty Sure My Friends Didn't


Just took a quick peek and their daytime menu is all dairy and fish. So, there’s a good chance that they just cooked it with a LOT of butter and seasoned it really really well.

I’ve never had it with a poached egg on top - how was that?


I appreciate your effort to sustain my fiction. Also, you’re probably right.

Really good. I’ve never had kasha that way either, but I have to have at least one egg at breakfast, and I also wanted a bagel and lox (because it’s R&D). Besides, there are few things that a poached egg won’t improve.


Cooking the onions in shmaltz is the way to go. I love kasha varnishkes. Growing up, We used to have that as a side dish with any roasted meats (beef, lamb, poultry). My mom would make yummy leftovers by tossing the remaining meat in with the kasha and served w/ gravy or pan drippings on top.


I still make it as a side dish. I don’t make it with pasta much. But agree, use schmaltz for the onions. Good chicken stock is a must too. I add sautéed mushrooms for shits and giggles (not literally).


Mushrooms are a delicious addition. I still make it as a side dish too-- mostly w/ a leg of lamb or roast beef as the main


As a young teen, I used to take this, brown it and then mix with scrambled eggs:

I’m astounded to find that it’s still available, and still comes in the same trapezoidal can, with a key to open it. In view of how my tastes have changed, I’m a bit afraid to try it.


Growing up in the 70s and 80s, canned tamales were in my regular lunch rotation. I can’t remember what the brand was by then, but I think they got swallowed by Hormel at some point.


But weren’t your friends eating them also? That’s why I (don’t believe) have replied to this. I’m betting my friends - in Atlanta - were eating the same things.


I still liked canned hash- Mary Kitchen. Same with boxed mac and cheese. To me, they satisfy a craving that’s entirely different from the “real thing”.




I ate those as well. It was more of a thing when I was a teenager and hungry so if my mom wasn’t home I’d grab pop can and heat them up. They had a waxy type paper around the tamales if I recall correctly.


Nah. I eat Spam, mostly in Musubi form, even now.


I like boxed mac & cheese, but when I used to make it, I did it the way Jane & Michael Stern suggest, in “Square Meals”. Roughly paraphrased: Take two boxes, throw away the noodles from one box (but use both sauce envelopes), use far less milk, and double the butter (roughly). You end up with lots of very thick and rich sauce. After trying this, I predict you won’t make it per the instructions again.


One trick my friend taught me that works well with Kraft mac n cheese. Mix the sauce separately instead of mixing everything together. Use less milk too as you said. The sauce ends up being thicker and coats the pasta much better. Less grainy thin sauce. A much better product overall.


THROW AWAY? No way. I can barely stand to throw away a slice of onion :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll try that. I always have a wedge of parmesan and add some. And I do make the sauce separate :blush:.


The ones I had didn’t have the wrapper, I don’t think.


I kinda remember the paper also.