FTC Confessions


Why tea?

I just eat julienned ginger and lemongrass tossed with some minced ginger, rice wine vinegar, and garnished with some toasted sesame oil. Goes down real yummy


True dat. I thought since she was already making tea, might as well add a few more healthy ingredients. But your condiment sounds great though!


But then you don’t get to have whiskey for breakfast. I never get sick, allow me that, please.


Why do you need to be sick to have whiskey for breakfast?



Hey Ipse, This is probably the wrong thread for this but we recently found Lupe’s in San Juan Capistrano. Since they have locations in San Diego and Huntington Beach I’m guessing you’re already familiar with them. Amazing street tacos!!! That’s all we’ve tried so far but we just got started.



I’ll keep this on topic.

I confess; I’ve never been to Lupe’s.

Can we still be friends? Or at least post on the same thread?


I’ll confess I thought you knew every great hole-in-the-wall place everywhere. :wink: I’m crushed.


Damn, from yelp pics it looks like they make corn tortillas a la minute. I pass through SJC quite a bit so I will have to try them one day.


They do!!! I meant to ask if they sell them to go, as I didn’t see any packaged… but I forgot.


In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had from the dollar menu at Taco Bell, the cheesy bean and rice burrito with lots of hot sauce…
It was delicious. .


99 cent Wienerschnitzel corn dogs…stoned and hungry thread? LOL


Been loving DW Chili dogs since I could scrape together enough pennies for a REAL American “meal”.

We wuz poor kids in the 70’s, DW had 19 cent chili dogs. Buy five doggies for less than a buck. Inhale each dog in two bites. That was a good app before the real evening dinner. Then siu yeh (late night snack). I was a busboy at the time, and burning more calories than I could ingest orally.

Corner of Broadway and Columbus avenue (kitty corner from Carol Doda’s, that’s another growing up story).

That was before we could afford to “dine” at Little Joe’s up the street. :slight_smile:


I loved the chili dogs from DW .The Condor club with Carol Doda . Never got to see her . I used to love stopping at Doggie Diner . I wonder what ever happened to the large iconic Dachshund head with the chefs hat and bow tie out front.


Google - killer piano carol doda. Sooooo San Francisco…

The three doggie heads seem to be a permanent fixture on Sloat ave, around the zoo area.


The Carls Jr $1.49 Crispy Chicken Sandwich with leaf iceberg lettuce and mayo is a pretty dang good sandwich for cheap and good.
I ask for extra ranch dressing and salt & pepper to gussy that bad boy up and a cup of water with extra ice and lemon.

Badda Bing cheap and good for under $2 bucks!


I don’t know how to use a salad spinner, or a rice cooker.


Mall food court ain’t so bad when I think about it…

-Corn dogs/cheese dogs and lemonade. This is still one of my personal favorite combinations. Ketchup and mustard in harmony.

-Mongolian BBQ
Yeah yeah that name and its not authentic. Don’t care, this is good eating when hungry.
Spicy with extra garlic! I am the only one I know that likes a little pineapple in this.
Anyone got good hacks to maximize more food???

-Teriyaki Chicken Bowls
Especially if I see a huge flattop grill of chicken. Rice and steam veggies, and sauce.

Something about a greasy pepperoni pizza with red pepper flakes, takes me back to weekends as a kid going to the mall…arcade, food court, movies, comic book store/bookstore,etc.
Pair it up with a Orange Julius (RIP I think?)

This is a thing of the past…kids these days don’t hang out at the mall like back in the day. Bookstores and arcades have disappeared from most malls.

The 80’s and 90’s were the best to be a kid and teen.

Oh and Cinnabon!!! That smell drives me crazy

I wanna do a tribute Bang Bang to this. Gotta decide which mall has the greatest hits


From what I’ve read, “indoor” malls are no longer being built so no more food courts.


The only mall food I ever liked was Panda Express. And I liked it with the passion only a teenager can feel.

Also, Orange Julius.


The outdoor mall did kinda killed the So Cal mall rat culture.