FTC Confessions


I got a call from First Lady Mochi the other day… “Hi, I’m at the mall. And dude, Cinnabon is actually really good.”

It’s still a dream of mine to make Orange Julius mimosas.


Hot Dog On A Stick remains a source of not only nostalgia, but also for a fantastic Halloween costume.


The local Church’s Chicken just shut down. Should I feel guilty that I ate there approximately 3 times in the approximately 11 years that I’ve lived nearby, or should I feel guilty that because I only ate there approximately 3 times in the approximately 11 years that I’ve lived nearby, I was a contributing factor to its demise?


Last night I really wanted a spicy crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. After a lost in translation drive-thru experience, I was left with a regular crispy chicken, which is not the same. To remedy the situation, I drove to In-N-Out. (I also ate the crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.)


So you’re confessing you’re a boss?


Believe you me, I paid the cost the be the boss.


Interesting. Although I’m mostly a ketchup person, I prefer corn dogs and cheese dogs with mustard – but I can’t imagine the two together. Great combo with lemonade though.

That would be a great costume.


I didn’t say that first part. I don’t stand by the combination of ketchup and mustard.

But I do stand by the costume statement.


Beef rice-a-roni with Costco canned chicken, capers and grated Cheddar cheese. One of my main comfort foods.

I usually saute onion and garlic but was lazy. Pre-travel food.


I don’t often feel the need to confess my culinary sins, but last night was a new high/low for me. I flew home ATL-LAX after a three day binge of good southern eating in small town Georgia. I managed to get upgraded but after a late lunch I really wasn’t hungry for the business class chicken, so dinner consisted of Chardonnay (origin unknown) and mint chocolate chip ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s I’m guessing).


Have thought jack in the box tacos were disgusting for years, then finally had one and it was really good!

Am a super pizza snob but have a weakness for Costco cheese slices.

BRC burrito at el pollo loco.

McDonald’s cones, foster’s freeze or DQ’s dipped cones


We haven’t eaten pizza there in a long time. It was so greasy that we would ‘sop’ it up with lots of paper towels. We have the “retiree special.” The Polish with a soda for IIRC $1.50.


I love IKEA meatballs.

I don’t really care about service unless it is downright rude.


Then this is good news for you.



I saw that! I’ve not had their meatballs but have had their all but free breakfast (eggs, sausage and potatoes) with free coffee. IIRC. Not bad at all…and gets us in the mood for SHOPPING!


Ooooh. :open_mouth:


I didn’t know until yesterday that you are supposed to mix up bibimbap before you eat it.

I always ate it like donburi: dip a piece in sauce, then scoop some rice up with the bite. But for all of know, I may have that wrong also.


I eat second dinner just to avoid traffic.


I have what might be an irrational hatred for bell peppers. What is the point of them? They aren’t spicy and they taste like shit. Why do they exist? :rage:


how could you