FTC Confessions


They’re our fave. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everything_bagel


What?! Good to know…I think.


In visiting my in-laws in Hemet yesterday, we took them to dinner and they wanted to go to the new Sizzler in town. I haven’t been to a Sizzler since my sister’s high school tennis banquet about 13 years ago…I only remember because my oldest (who’s now 14) was less than a year old. My husband and I cringed expecting them to choose almost anything else in town…but when you set the bar real low and the results are not terrible, you end up pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as you expected. My sirloin steak was overcooked, my vegetable medley was steamed within an inch of their lives into a texture that resembled mashed potatoes, but at least the salad bar was good. The biggest redeemer was the cheese toast…that remains delicious…and thank God for that.


I miss the fast food joints at LAX… not keen on paying overpriced poorly prepared food offered at the new joints post renovation… i.e the ramen at Morimoto’s Skewer is just plain awful.


I don’t get the Sergio love. I ate there a couple times (yes I tried the snook and the aguachile), and thought it was fine, but I live 10 minutes away and never felt the need to repeat my experiences.


I love the “mass produced” curry at Curry House and eat there at least twice a week.

Extra spicy hamburger curry or the spinach & wiener curry = :heart:.


I eat boxed mac and cheese weekly, partly because of economics and partly because I love it (I buy Annie’s brand, which is still processed but a little better-for-you, maybe). To make it “fancy,” I finish with a sprinkle of fleur de sel. :speak_no_evil:


Whoever wrote that Wikipedia article has far too much time on their hands.


“Consider that if the everything label were taken literally, these bagels would be very strange indeed, since they should include every object in the universe, including those very bagels as well, ad infinitum. Here the affordance of BAGEL delimits the universal quantifier to things that people put on bagels and that go well together.”

The nerd is strong with this one.


I like Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar. I add slices of hot links and serrano peppers to it.


Today’s lunch was half a toasted English muffin, spread with avocado :slight_smile: and topped with egg salad and then some arugula.


Yassss. I’m a fan too. Will try the hamburger next time!

When I was there a couple weeks ago, one table was celebrating a bday, and the manager played the Happy Birthday song on his flute.


I dig Curry House’s Neapolitan style spaghetti, reminds me of a Japanese version of Budae Jjigae. Plus, their corn chowder-soup thing is pretty lip smacking good.


Ha! That’s awesome.

I haven’t tried the Neapolitan spaghetti but I love the chilli spaghetti with either shrimp or wiener. Yesss, that corn potage is the best.


Yes, potage, that’s what they call it. Damn good potage!


I eat this everyday now due to reasons. God I’ve fallen so far.


Gads, man. We need to take up a collection to get you back to civilization.


We make semi-monthly trips down to LA proper to pick up goods. I’m also buying a chest freezer to keep said goods.


Where ARE you?!?!?


This is where I hop on the road to get to work.