FTC Confessions


Haha! I used to love ketchup on everything when I was a kid. Including scrambled eggs and bologna sandwiches. Go figure.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll be trying this.


And you’ve made this? And can vouch for it? Interesting. Sounds a bit bland for something as bland as shrimp.


Me too. Love ketchup. I used to eat french fries as just as an excuse to eat ketchup.

And to this day, scrambled egg sandwiches with ketchup is one of my favorite post-flu recovery meals.

As an aside, just remember, the pureed roasted tomatoes are simply a replacement for the ketchup you would normally use, nothing more. Continue using the other spices, seasonings, sauces, accoutrements, etc that is in your usual cocktail sauce concoction.


It’s okay. I did the chicken quesadilla once. Once.


I don’t know if you saw the thread about this a while ago, but if you’re ever passing through Barstow, the Del Taco outlets there are still owned by the founder of the chain, and are much better than any other Dels.


I’m alright with dolling up a bottled cocktail sauce with a little lemon juice and horseradish. It’s the prawns that are the star of the show.


We’ve got Naugles about a mile away, too. I haven’t gotten all of the kids on board yet, but I’m working on it.


I don’t use ketchup on my eggs any more. I know how you feel about mayo, but that’s what I grew up with on scrambled egg sandwiches (along with sliced onion).


I make fried egg sandwiches and they get mayo. My egg salad, which Bob says is THE best, gets mayo and just a tad of mustard.


I just dropped half of a bite of cheese from my apertivo plate. The half that made it into my mouth was very good. So, because it is only me is n the patio, I picked it up, swished around in olive oil, and ate it.

I’m not afraid of death.


As Sam F said, you clearly live in a “magic house.” Me too :slight_smile:


I like avocado rolls, yes market sushi

Sara Lee Poundcake, I been craving this for weeks.

I sometimes get a Turkey and Cranberry at Togo’s.

I read all the major spoilers for The Last Jedi


I just like white rice mixed with guacamole

But only if nuked in the microwave and topped with cold vanilla ice cream, and fresh cherry jam

I’ve seen it already.


While on the road today, we had Arby’s Reuben and their curly fries. It was really tasty.


I adore the frozen Sara Lee pound cake. A slice fresh from the freezer used to be an after school treat when Mom found it on sale.


My daughter does this. Sometimes she makes it fancy and drizzles it with olive oil.


What was the five-layer dark chocolate cake with the light frosting? My mother loved it. She served it frozen.


Instead of cherry jam, I use June Taylor’s orange marmalade or strawberry conserve from the Ferry Building.


I think it was the chocolate fudge cake…I don’t think they make it anymore. I only see a single layer sheet cake online.


I really think Sara Lee’s pound cake is totally underrated.