FTC Confessions


I have boycotted Olive Garden ever since they didn’t hire 16-year-old-me to be a busboy. Biggest mistake they ever made.


I’m obsessed with /r/wewantplates



WTF is up with the wine glass with the pile of onions on the base???



deconstructed greek salad???


I see it now.


Eww, then is that a shot glass full of olive oil and vinegar??


Is there a subreddit for too many plates?


The Zen side of me likes this.

The side of me that washes dishes does not.


Cooked a beautiful veal rib chop tonight. I dipped Fork fulls in ketchup and mayonnaise. Delicious


I’ll send my daighter, “The Fixer,” over. She’ll do what she does at our house. “Eh - looks clean enough,” and puts it back in the cupboards and drawers. And beige is her dream color for those special ops.


Where did you find that? In the Shasta area?

BTW, how’s your weather? Really dumping here at Tahoe.


I am in Santa Cruz moving out of the house. I’ll be here for a couple weeks. Got the veal rib chop at Shoppers corner. It’s raining today. Moving sucks


Good timing. It’s a mess up north.


My 12yo is responsible for doing the dishes after dinner each night. She complains about doing them, but once she starts, she does an amazing job. She can’t just do them half-ass. My 14yo son, OTOH, would just swoosh the sponge around a couple times, give them a half-ass rinse, and run back upstairs.


I feel your pain. I think our kids try to do everything as ineptly as they can when they’re asked so that we’ll give up and do it for them. Joke’s on them.


Mine can barely load the dishwasher…efficient they are not. You’d think they’d learn because they’re the ones who put the dishes away after the machine is done. But oh no…still can’t load the machine to save their lives.


After they get a privilege suspended I bet they’d learn pretty darn quickly :slight_smile:


I don’t recall asking for tips or advice. It was just an anecdote on life.


We really need to start a “tween/teen feeding” thread.


As was my comment.