FTC Confessions


No Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity for you?


We like the packaged scalloped potatoes, the ones you have to add boiling water and milk to and then bake. I make the homemade kind too, but sometimes the packaged kind hits the spot!


Neither have I! Actually, I have, I think, but not to eat.

Is that where Pasadena and Glendale are?


I still love Oriental flavor Top Ramen, with frozen peas and an egg.

It’s my comfort food.


This one is tough to admit…

I’ve been binge watching episodes of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa show on Youtube. Like, a lot.


I want to hang out with Jeffrey for a weekend. He seems awesome.


I love Ina


Yep. They’re adorable together. I would be devastated if I found out it was a sham.


I watch The Great British Bake Off ( PBS ) on Monday instead of Monday Night Football . Cooking is easy to me . Baking , not at all . Ruby is my fave . I’m hooked on the show . Football just kinda sucks this year for me . Niner fan . Go Raiders !


Seems like your cooking is pretty basic, yes? Not really into sauces, lots of ingredients, etc. To use a stereotype which I generally loathe, kinda “guy food.”


Amen. Once you get past the awkwardly angled embrace that they always share in the hallway upon his arrival, when Jeffrey is there, it’s always a party. Did you know he was the Dean of Yale School of Management and worked in the Clinton administration???

This would rock me to my core.


Yeah… Jeffrey is a quiet, little badass. She’s a big brain too. I think they both had big time Washington jobs. She bought the Barefoot Contessa shop on a whim. They’re awesome.


I know. I think people who excel at baking tend to be more exacting or perfectionists. So much measuring, timing, exact temps and such. I don’t have the patience. I do have a couple of good cookie recipes though… of course :blush:.

[quote=“Emglow101, post:70, topic:3927”]
Football just kinda sucks this year for me . Niner fan . Go Raiders !
[/quote]Oh you mean you weren’t on the edge of the couch during the Mexico City game :grin:?


And an ability to focus and pay attention to subtleties. For example, knowing when egg whites are at peak stiffness, or being able to feel when butter and flour have reached the right cohesion for pastry crust and not over-working it.




Guy food really ? Basic oh for sure . Nice slam Cath .


Purely a figure of speech since some of the best home cooks I know are men. And the sky’s the limit for them. One has, IIRC, over a thousand cookbooks!!! I’m a recipe follower because when I look at sometimes a long list of ingredients and techniques, I inwardly say “that’s why they pay 'em the big bucks.” My palate isn’t refined enough to figure those things out myself.


I’m guessing that would be you :slight_smile:? I haven’t used my Kitchenaid in 3 years. How’s that for a confession?


As someone who loves your posts in Hungry Onion’s What’s for Dinner threads, your food always sounds delicious and anything but basic or like “guy food” to me, for what it’s worth.


I use mine 99% of the time for grinding meat and making pasta!