FTC Confessions


I liked it a lot better than I thought I would. My cousin served it over rice.


Noodles over rice? Now that’s different!


Oops. Nope. It was cooked sans rice or noodles and then served over one or the other :slight_smile: Or sometimes toast.


Well, then… not really a tuna noodle casserole after all.


Right. I made “tuna casserole” and only decided on the noodles at the end.


Forgive me @frommtron for I have sinned


On my first visit to the United States, my aunt made tuna noodle casserole. Every once in a while, I eat Stouffers tuna noodle casserole to commemorate that moment


Stouffers turkey tetrazini is our go-to comfort dinner. Also a great night before we’re traveling since it makes little to clean.


I eat at Wahoo’s just for their Mr. Lee’s Chili Sauce.


Last night we got takeout burritos for dinner. They’re huge and I call them "Elephant D**K BURRITOS. I ate half and put the other back in the fridge. It’s 6PM here and I keep going back to it and taking a ‘nibble.’ Cold. Yum :slight_smile:


I like Little Caesar’s Detroit Style Deep Dish.


LC cheesy bread is also not bad. I mean cheese, bread, and tomato sauce, how do you go wrong?


I’m mad because the local Vons bakery can’t seem to put out a pack of six rolls that are of similar size.

Am also angry that we had to throw out 12 heads of romaine due to the CDC warning: the bunnies are not pleased with the green and red leaf.

Am sad that we’re almost at then end of really good and sweet orange season, so I’ve been over-indulging in them.

I just discovered three bunches of asparagus purchased early last week that got lost in the fridge (behind the romaine, actually) and think they need to be tossed.

Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream isn’t as good as it should be. Though it’s possible the orange I ate just before opening the pint has somewhat distorted my sense of taste.

I want to eat, here:



Bread, Romaine lettuce, rabbits, oranges, asparagus, ice cream (dairy cows) and egg lust. The fantasies of a frustrated farmer? :wink:


Compared to the posts in “what’s cooking” this hardly counts.

I found a small, steak shaped piece of beef chuck in the freezer. I had 4oz of homeground pork shoulder and two McNuggets :slight_smile: (I removed the breading from the McNs.) I cut the beef in small’ish cubes, seasoned, browned and removed from the pan. Cooked up the little bit of pork. Then sauteed garlic, onion, carrots, small new potatoes halved, grape tomatoes. Added the meat back to the pan (including the McNs!) and a 14oz can of generic chicken broth. Added about a tablespoon of fish sauce which has become my go-to for things like this.

Simmered covered for about 90 minutes. When getting time to eat I added some green peas and roughly chopped spinach. Cooked some egg noodles separately. Major comfort food and a much emptier fridge.


I think the post really counts. To me the home cooking board is pretty dead. My two cents. Keep it going​:plate_with_cutlery::poultry_leg:


Bless your heart :slight_smile: What makes it really good is that the photo is after we had helped ourselves so we have another meal, probably lunch.

Here was the ‘meat.’


Tell me about it. My mom has 5 navel orange trees, and we’ve been spoiled. I can’t even think about drinking bottled orange juice.


Our adult children no longer give their kids orange juice of any kind because of the amount of sugar in it. Whole fruit only.


Yup. From friend’s yards and even Super King, this has been a KILLER orange season. So sweet and juicy and good!