FTC Confessions


Del Taco has milkshakes now. They taste like childhood.


We had a “mystery melange” for lunch today :smile: I found a container in the freezer, unlabeled. It had pork with a distinct fat layer, hominy and collards. A decent amount of heat and some other flavor that for the life of me I can’t remember. But, boy, oh boy, did it taste good. But I must be more scrupulous about labeling things.


It’s always a mystery for me for when I’m going to pull out of the fridge and cook for dinner. Spice of life


I sprinkle salt on my Saltines.


I used to be quite good at labeling but lately it’s like ‘oh, I’ll remember.’


I own a sushi shower curtain


I don’t know what to say about that but it explains a lot.


One of our grands has a sushi t-shirt but a shower curtain beats that!


It’s one of my favorite things. And I make it just like that, occasionally w/breadcrumbs on top. I don’t even consider trying to gussy it up with homemade cream sauce, etc.

P.S. My husband likes potatoes chips on top instead of breadcrumbs.


I like butter and salt on mine.


I’m distraught because Whole Foods has discontinued my favorite BBQ sauce!!!

I stopped making my own when I discovered this. Now I’ll have to drive to Ventura!


sigh Are my fantasies really that transparent?

(Seriously, you have almost completely nailed my dream life: add in some house goats, and living somewhere with plenty of land and water, and I’m there.)

I buy frozen, pre-cooked rice. I own two rice makers/steamers and still manage to turn out soggy or still-crunchy rice so often that it’s just not worth the stress for me.

Another confession:
I sometimes (possibly frequently) order a bag of breakfast burritos from Lee’s Hoagies And then freeze them. Easier than me trying to make, taste good, and reheat well.

Yet another confession:
Both Saturday and Sunday I consumed multiple green salads, oranges and clementines, and several plates that looked like this:

Also, right now I’m really craving a strawberry donut. And a Tiger Tail. Or two.


You said “house goats”. :sweat_smile: I want a house goat too.

Well, I’m just glad you have your appetite back.


Samosas and pakoras. Fried food rules! :yum:


A fellow bunny mom! :grin:


I made it again a few nights ago and then had it left over last night. It got crispy around the edges and that was nice also.


I occasionally crave hot steamed white rice mixed liberally with mayo and a dose of sriracha sauce. Then eat it out of a bowl in front of the tv.


Hmm, that doesn’t sound half bad.


Oh, hush now! These are veggies and thus they’re all healthy-like and that’s how I can justify eating copious amounts of them!

I knew I liked you! Yes, bunny mom to a long-bonded pair who’ve been with us for ~11 years and foster mom to far too many to count!


I nominate you for Secretary of Health and “Humane” Services - in a future administration.