FTC Confessions


Mine is a bowl of steamed rice, plain tuna on top, big dollop of mayo on top of tuna and black pepper. It’s like a tuna & rice sundae. Definitely going to try it with sriracha sauce.


Add shredded nori for umami kick.


Tuna being canned (oil or water), raw sushi grade (chunks or slices), seared?


Have you had DiGiorno? :nauseated_face:


I guess this is the right thread to admit no, I haven’t.


Lucky you.


Is that the same as furikake?


Can’t be any worse than these, which I did grow up with because DiGiorno was for the fat cats.


What is the price per oz? I bet they might be the same, cost wise.

Never had Celeste, but I have had Tony’s.


Wow, I guess my FTC confession is that my frozen pizza standards are pretty low. I’ll gladly eat DiGiorno, Mama Celeste, Tony’s, Stouffers, Totino’s, CPK (fancy, ha!), Tombstone, etc. I prefer TJs offerings, Amy’s, Newman’s Own, and Archer Farms, but hey…I like frozen pizza :yum:


Well you’re certainly in the right thread


Ditto here. But I was movin’ on up… Deluxe Celeste, baby.


Is it okay to confess that I think you are all disgusting? :slight_smile:


… aaaand another FTC Trophy: Unlocked.

p.s. I seen this lady rollin’ down the street in a Maybach the other day:




Amy’s and TJ’a are pretty good when the real
thing isn’t possible, but I always customize.


We’re talkin’ an in front of the TV meal with stuff from the pantry… I think. Anyway, I love all tuna with mayo, but this one comes from a can (chunk white or albacore in water, preferably geisha)

Nori is a good one @J_L, furikake too. That reminds me, put nori and salmon furikake on the shopping list. :wink:


Kinda’… shredded nori (seaweed) is in furikake.


Yes you do



I will confess that once in awhile when the wife and kids aren’t home, I’ll stop and pick up Stouffer’s pepperoni French bread pizzas for a little taste of nostalgia… and regret.