FTC Confessions


I find unwanted cookware at the thrift store and rescue it .


Sounds like a good excuse for me, Em :slight_smile:



This is like a dentist handing out free lollipops after every visit.


Oh! So that’s what I am doing! Rescuing it!

I feel better now :smiley:


First night in Seattle and had leftover flank steak with butter olive ‘sauce,’ MWd mac n cheese and wedge salad.


I travel with a guy who can do that service for free. There was a time we would travel with our own supplies. We can’t party like that anymore.


The secret is to tell them to toast it on both sides. Thank me later.




(I’m putting this here cause there’s no place else!)

I recently had some bland deli turkey and needed/wanted to make a sandwich that wasn’t as bland. I used my mandolin and sliced some Vidalia onions and dill pickles super thin. It was a great little sandwich.


that’s a $10 sandwich right there


I buy a 10# bag a Costco every spring.


Ah, you made it into a genteel banh mi ; ) Smart!

Next time, if you are using mayo, do all that and? Add few drops of maggi seasoning. You will be an extra happy eater : )


Taking full advantage of comps at a Peppermill Casino in Reno gig a couple weekends ago, I enjoyed a poolside breakfast of chicken fried steak with a biscuit and gravy, eggs, and home fries. I managed not to sink to the bottom of the pool.


I just ate some frozen kimchi dumplings that I’m pretty sure had a 2015 expiration date.

Nice knowing, y’all!


How was their CFS? More importantly how was the gravy? We live in Reno.


We have a second home (tiny condo) in Seattle. The TJs mayo had an expiration date of a year ago. I’ve got an iron clad constitution but it’s crossed my mind that perhaps I’ll toss it when we leave next week.


I just finished off a large tub of Costco Greek yogurt with an expiration date of July 2017. I’ll see you in hell.


Should have made some tzatziki with it . I just did fabulous with grilled pita .


Not if I see you first!