FTC Confessions


Steel springs, mate.





The latest snack semi-addiction


I’m not really into ramen. I mean I like it and have had good memories of eating it in Japan, but for whatever reason, I’ve had too many carbo-coma (probably more of a sodium bomb) afternoons that killed the vibe for me in recent years. Though I find ramen tasty, whenever given the option I always spring for something else. For noodles I actually prefer pho and can happily eat that anytime, but for the past few years I’ve had this bad memory of the after-effects of ramen.


It’s probably been at least 2 years since I had ramen.

I think I can speak for others as well on this but I am sick of tonkotsu.


Gourmet breakfast in Southern Oregon.


Skipping breakfast would be better


No effing way, bubba :slight_smile: And it would have meant skipping breakfast. Or driving either in the wrong direction or a long way in the right direction. Having two back to back seven hour drive days discourages US from stopping to eat. We carry some food and drive-thru others. To each her own :slight_smile: