FTC Confessions


Vicariously? So you don’t fix it? It’s flat out my fave ‘carb’ but I tend to eat it in restaurants as mine have been so sub-par.


Great topping . If feeling lazy . Top over warm tortilla chips.


Nope, I don’t make it. I have a neurological disorder and repetitive motions (like stirring something for any length of time - and actually a lot of cooking/prep tasks) cause dystonic spasms that can lock the muscles. That said, I have seen recipes for baked risottos and am thinking about maybe giving one of those a shot once the temperature drops.

Oh, I like how you think!

Hmmm…wonder if one could make some sort of an elotes dip?


I’m sorry to hear about that, @ElsieDee.
A pressure cooker, like a Kuhn Rikon stove top model or an InstantPot, might be of interest to you. I won’t say a pressure cooker turns out risotto like a true nonna’s, but risotto does come out from the pressure cooker quite well.
Worth considering.


@ElsieDee , @frommtron is right. I’ve been using my Instant Pot for risotto lately with much success. A pretty tasty risotto with virtually none of the stirring. The saute function can be used to toast the rice and the aromatics you want to add before cooking the rice with your choice of stock on high pressure for about 3-4 minutes. A quick release of pressure and after adding your cheese, you are ready to eat.


Not risotto but here’s the baked polenta I’ve been making for years now.


I love these frozen mini cream puffs you get at every grocery store. And I like eating them while they’re still frozen.


I remember that Costco used to have these. Maybe they still do. We’re not really dessert people so I’ve served these at dinner parties…to raves!


Me too. What can I say? Once again… we eat alike.

What I loved about eating oysters in Seattle - aside from I :heart: oysters from the Pacific NW - is I could get them pan fried (lightly dusted, quick fried in a little oil). You get a golden crispy outside without sacrificing the texture & flavor of the oyster. So much better than an overly battered or breaded, deep fried oyster. A deep fried, big belly clam? Yes. But imo that’s no way to treat an oyster.


ElsieDee -

So sorry to hear about your condition!

I have made the baked risotto and? It’s tasty. Here’s the recipe I use, the Barefoot Contessa one -

I’ve made it a few times and here’s my thoughts.

  • You can cheat and use calrose rice if it’s what you have one hand (I did) and it’s still very tasty. But you will have to shorten the cooking time (20 - 25 minutes.)
  • To my taste it’s best if you microplane the amount of cheese. I did it that way my first few times and then one time, I happened to have pregrated, used that and? Way too think and heavy, to my taste.
  • It’s takes additions stirred in on the stovetop really well. My favs are chopped cooked chicken and cooked sliced mushrooms (a generous cup each)
  • You may need to add extra liquids than her 5 cups. I found I needed an extra splash of wine and or water to get the right consistency, but that may have been a calrose issue.
  • It freezes surprisingly well. Put it in a quart ziptop freezer bag and flatten it, then you can stack a few and thaw one out in the microwave whenever you want.
    (I do not have an instant pot but wow, making it in that sounds great! )


My YouTube pet video recommendations


You forgot this one, dude.


I had a 9am breakfast meeting at Sun Nong Dan.


Curious why this is a “confession.”


The night before we leave on a trip, our usual ‘meal’ is Stouffer’s Turkey Tetrazzini. But our Seattle grocery didn’t have it so we had their Swedish Meatballs. Bob LOVED them; I found them totally fine.


Hah! It was my mom’s go to seasoning. I remember that hint of curry. We put it on everything even cottage cheese.


I make avocado toasts fairly regularly as an easy go-to breakfast. The key is mouthfeel and how to make it have the right “bite” so the avocado slices don’t all just slide off when eaten. I slice them quite thin, fan them out a bit. I also mash some of the less pristine slices and spread that under, so there’s lots of avocado in each bite. I then press the slices down, then crop the corners so it covers tightly to the edges. The other key is temperature contrast - I like some cold avocado and my bread right off the pan.

I make one with pan-grilled Manresa Bread or Firebrand levain, good olive oil, meyer lemon, a little bit of white onion, Maldon salt, and smoked paprika.

I make another one with toasted shokupan or green onion foccacia, soy, nori, black sesame seeds, and togarashi.

Some coconut water and then I sit for a bit with some matcha tea. Maybe I should get a place on Abbott Kinney :thinking:


As do I. Both sweet and savory versions.

Avocado mashed with just sugar and a bit of cream. Sprinkled with freshly grated coconut.

Mashed with lime juice, salt, pepper, chili powder, chopped red onions, and some Maldive Fish. Topped with chopped green chilies (Serranos).


good call


Tell us more about the Maldive Fish? I Googled it but never heard of such a thing until your post.

My savory avocado toast is usually mashed with lemon juice, harissa, aleppo, sumac and salt. Topped with cilantro, radish and pickled jalapenos.