Gus Fried Chicken reports? (Crenshaw and Pico)


The potato salad & fried pickles are where it’s at


Fried Ikra as well. Very tasty! As are the pies!


I’ll try that next time. My concern with fried pickles is that I was taking them home and also wasn’t eating right away. Do you think it will sustain?


I had the Mac n cheese and the greens. They were very ordinary.

Thanks for the recs!


To clarify, can you get the fried pickles and fried okra as sides, i.e., to a meal? I thought they were appetizers you have to order separately.

Like @A5KOBE I’ve been underwhelmed by the sides I’ve tried (mac n’ cheese, beans, coleslaw). Haven’t tried the potato salad though.


I’m pretty sure you can get the fried okra as a side but I believe the fried pickles are a separately ordered appetizer.


Oh snap, good to know! Love fried okra!

PS: Forgot to mention, last time I was at Gus, we got the fried pickles and they were indeed spears, not chips. I think we must have ordered the fried green tomatoes before.


If you get the plate you can get any side upgraded from the basic slaw/beans for .50c each. A well priced upgrade IMO

and no I don’t think fried pickles will hold. Their Mac and cheese is passable but I think their potato salad is legitimately good.


How is there ranch situation? Hmmm…next thread…best ranch in SoCal? I love me some good ranch.


I like their fried okra, the fried green tomatoes were disappointing. Sliced too thin and falling apart. Also five small pieces at that price is a rip off.


The Russian word for caviar!


I should have noted that it’s only available when Sergio is in the kitchen… :wink:


Soooooo—Even tho they are close to me, I haven’t checked Gus out yet due to all of the initial reports of over salting and lack of consistency. Without having to go back through this entire thread (sorry—I’m feeling grumpy and lazy) are those issues resolved?



I’ve been twice now and thought it was tasty both times, just not crave worthy enough to travel regularly across town. If I lived nearby, I’d be a regular. Definitely give it a try.


cool, thanks. It’s a short run from Ktown so I think I’ll check it out in the near future when I get that fried chicken itch.


I would look at Gus as an above average neighborhood fried chicken joint.


Absolutely! It’s like our version of Honey Kettle… Wouldn’t be my first choice in the city, but great to have nearby.


That salt though…


Salty to some is seasoned to others.


If that’s what you want to call it.