Happy Hour - the ultimate collection


Do we report our happy hours here also? Because I went to MB Post, thinking they had a happy hour, which they don’t. But I sat at the bar and had scallops anyway, and I was pretty happy.



@ipsedixit I meant to post this in the happy hour thread. Help, please?




Complimentary hors d’oeuvres buffet. $1 off well liquor & beer, $2 off wine & premium liquor.

Bon Vivant Market & Café
3155 Glendale Blvd
Atwater Village


well I ended up at Hopsaint in Torrance. No happy hour to speak of, but decent food, wine, and a large beer list which my beer snob friend loved, but I could not find a single non-IPA type beer, so I opted for Riesling. What better way to get turnt up before a Rage show than Riesling?

But seriously, this killer shrimp dish was great, and worked well with the wine (pic ripped from google):

My buddy’s burger was less successful.


TheCookie -

We love Bon Vivant for breakfast and lunch - have never done the happy hour. What are the noshes like?


tonight, i will make myself a drink or four and sit on the couch.
i like to call it, “sad hour”.
who’s with me?


Sad? That sounds like a great hour to me!


That post was informational only :relaxed:. We didn’t go for the HH. But people seemed to be enjoying it. It’s on L.A. Weekly’s “best of” list. We had a really good dinner. I’ll probably post it as an early Weekend Rundown.


Thank you, I’ll look forward to that!


Sorry. Beer / Wine cut off a bit.

Pork Toro

Larb Tofu

Mekhong Old Fashion & Daiquiri

Loved the daiquiri.

Night + Market
9043 Sunset Blvd
W. Hollywood


Ooooh, I hope they offer that in the new Venice location! That’s the the most exciting HH menu!


had no ides Night Market had HH deals. Do you know if the Silver Lake location also does?


Hi @tailbacku - We didn’t either until we went. Silver Lake probably has HH. Restaurant business in L.A. is so competitive now, it’s foolish not to have it.

Hi @yogachik - Great thread BTW. I was surprised by the HH. It is a good one. I am looking forward to trying the Peek Gai Hay-ha (party wings). Someone posted a picture on “September DOTM Thai” that looks sooo good.


I don’t think anybody has mentioned charcoal

from the instagrams

Cocktails and Dinner in West LA

Very nice


whoa whoa whoa - didn’t know Charcoal has a HH! Their menu is pretty fantastic (and they call it a “Glass Off” from 5-7:30) https://www.charcoalvenice.com/evening-glass-off/


[quote=“ipsedixit, post:26, topic:4257”]
Horses Mouth
[/quote] [quote=“ipsedixit, post:26, topic:4257”]
Lobster roll - Fantastic; housemade roll, crunchy and pillowy inside, perfect vehicle for the lobster meat,
[/quote]They put tarragon in it :rage:!


Tarragon and shellfish are a match blessed by the gods.


Tarragon makes me angry.