Happy Hour - the ultimate collection


Oh man, I love tarragon!


I don’t know what’s wrong with me.


Tried charcoal’s hh before dinner and everything i had was great. The skewers were soft and tender, the lamb rib was a good portion with a nice lamby taste, and the oysters were fresh and shucked perfectly. Paging @yogachik





The Cannibal has a GREAT HH.
Yesterday I was picking up dinner for the Bowl (Van Morrison sounds better than ever, BTW) and they had quite an amazing free spread of charcuterie, pickles, and lardo on toast, happy hour (3 dollar beer, 5 dollar old fashioneds) .
Love that place.


fwiw, the Ruth Chris’ happy hour in marina del rey does NOT include any plain/classic martinis.


Oh dear!

It’s been a bit since I went to the Pasadena Ruth’s - but they did include martini’s then.

I took a look at the website and, YIKES, it does look like you can no longer get those as part of happy hour :scream:


Love Van Morrison


how was tom jones?


His voice is still terrific and powerful, but his material is not really my cup of tea. Loved the duets he did with Van.


thanks for the report. looked like a fun double bill.


Wait. What? Van Morrison and Tom Jones? I though linus was being linus… you know, joking about your age or something.


I keep forgetting to check out Charcoal’s HH.
Had no idea RuthChris had one, but without the martini, what’s the point?

Anyone been to Chaya Venice since the remodel? I hear they changed the HH, also.


Cannibal Happy Hour

Aperol and Soda, $12 (not on happy hour menu)

Happy Hour Beer, Stone IPA, $3

Happy Hour Charcuterie Board, Free

Country Ham, Johnston, N.C. and Salami, I forgot which salami it was.

Happy Hour Food Menu

Daily Sandwich, Rueben, $8

E. really liked this. The pastrami is not as “greasy” as Gjusta’s, the slaw is creamy and the Russian dressing was classic. Only the bread lost points, it was a brioche/potato bun type of roll. Rye would be better.

My happy plate.

The charcuterie was so good! The ham melts on the tongue with just a touch of sweetness, and the salami was light and flavorful, not salty, with excellent proportions of fat and seasoning. There were also pickles of red onion, jalapeño and cherry peppers, and celery.

The bread is not included, the bartender gave us some when we asked, because we were nice. Another man rudely asked “Where is the bread? We need bread,” and insisted there was bread the last time he was there. He didn’t get bread. :slight_smile:

Beautiful space, a happy kitchen and very nice servers. I really liked the ambiance. Edwin was our waiter, he was wonderful.

The Cannibal Beer & Butcher
8850 Washington Blvd., Culver City
Happy Hour, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m, every night
Parking in garage, $2 for 2 hours


Those are good looking happy hour prices! (and food lol)


You had me at free.


Big Fan of the Cannibal’s HH! Glad you liked it.


Good report!


How did I never notice this place? The Corner Door is small and charming, with good cocktails, great service and a much calmer clientele than Hatchet Hall next door (same bar demographic, less desperation).

Taco Truck, $14 (Regular drinks menu).

Happy Hour Menu.

Braised Beef Poutine, $8

That beef and gravy was so meaty and savory, a really deep flavor. The unsoggy French fries were light and crisp, maybe a touch more time in the fryer would have been nice, but I like my fries well-done, so that’s just me. We also tried the Butter Lettuces salad, a very good fall salad, lightly dressed, good composition. It was dark, I gave up on the photos.

The executive chef here is Brendan Collins, who used to be chef at Waterloo & City, which is now Hatchet Hall, and who recently opened Birch in Hollywood, now hosting Cento Bar’s West Hollywood pop-up, Andare. Whew. Los Angeles can be such a small town.

The restaurant is so very pretty, all straight lines and wood and glass. I was across the street when I saw it, the big beautiful windows with a dim luminous glow, beckoning us like fairy lights in a dark forest. We didn’t resist.

The Corner Door
12477 West Washington Blvd., Culver City
Metered Street Parking (until 8 p.m.)
Happy Hour 5 - 7 p.m. Daily



Bar Ama - Their Sunday happy hour is one of my favorites (530-close) 7$ Pacifico draft and a shot of Cimarron tequilla (pretty good) Puffy taco’s 4$ loved the lengua couldn’t believe how gossamer thin the puffy tortilla was.


Oh cool. It’s one of the places my peeps can all agree on. You actually guided me there in the first place - on my dtla dinner w/young adults thread.