Happy Hour - the ultimate collection


Must concur with @Bookwich & @CiaoBob on the stellar happy hour at The Cannibal.

Can’t beat $2 beer (Stone IPA). And the $5 old fashioned was actually one of the better ones I’ve had recently).

And best of all, those free snackz. As luck would have it, the happy hour free snack was a full on fucking sandwich BRO. And one you wouldn’t be sad to have paid $10 for, at that. Plus some pickled goodies.

So for that alone, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I shall return, indeed.”




Going to HH in KTown tonight. Thinking about Southland Beer and then


Proof that I had a deprived childhood.


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Troublemaker. :slight_smile:



Happy Hour Menu

The bartender said they are phasing out bar food to encourage people to order from Little Fatty (sister restaurant next door), because it doesn’t make sense to have two different menus.

I ordered drinks off the regular cocktail menu.
Smoke and Mirrors

Very smokey, very good, the froth was perfect. I will likely make this my regular drink.

Glass Playground

This was much better when the bartender added more Fernet Branca at my request. And he generously didn’t charge me.

Food ordered from Little Fatty menu:

Scallion Pancakes

Very thin and crispy, too much so for me; oily, but not inedible. No scallion flavor at all. I didn’t eat them or take them home.

Little Fatty Noodles

Good noodles, the leftovers were even better the next day when sautéed in oil with some egg.

The food ordered from Little Fatty comes in takeout containers, but they set your place nicely. Not sure why they use the containers; the bar and restaurant are simply two adjoining rooms.



Accomplice Bar is warm and inviting. Little Fatty not so much, sterile and sort of a fast-food table layout.

They are still getting their sea legs, but I find it a very promising addition to the Mar Vista area.

Accomplice Bar
3811 Grandview Blvd.
at Venice Blvd.
Mar Vista, CA 90066
Happy Hour, 5 to 7 daily.



Am I the only one doing happy hour these days?

Vodka Gimlet, $7

Accomplice, Mar Vista


No pics, but we did happy hour at TAPS in Irvine last night. Tri tip sliders were much better than expected, and the prawn cocktail was great. The shrimp aguachile was fine, but nothing special. I would not order the Japanese spicy shrimp (bland) or the charcuterie "sampler again (one kind of meat and one kind of unidentifiable cheese does not constitute a sampler IMHO. Also not sure how much of a bargain it was at $175 (including tip) for two. I guess it was probably cheaper than dinner there. I love their brunch once in a while, but I’m not sure their pricing matches their quality beyond that.


Well we did finally make it to Cole’s Tuesday all day happy hour!

Here’s a pic of their manhattan - not my normal drink but ordered to honor my best friends dad who just passed. Every time I’d go to her house in the evening, he’d be in the living room, in his recliner, with a manhattan : )

Boy howdy was the drink strong! But very well made and I loved the fancy single ice cube. (Props to my husband for lending his modeling hand : )

The food was an excellent deal, half a french dip (your choice of meat) or three french dip sliders, with tots or garlic fries - $7. I really liked having my own cup of au jus to dip into.


This, I must do this.


Yogachik, it was such fun!

Right on the edge of a dicy area so either park right before Coles or, take the red line down, and exit Pershing Square. Two and a half blocks to Coles. And you can hit The Last Bookstore on your way back!


Tri-trip sliders
Spicy Shrimp
**Prawn cocktail
one charcuterie meat + cheese sauce

= $175?

Never mind a “deal”, you were straight up ripped the fuck off. Holy shit.



You know it’s bad when Aesthete thinks it was overpriced.


You forgot the prawn cocktail, and there were copious amounts of good wine involved. I should have clarified that most of the bill was for that. Apologies for the omission.