Happy Hour - the ultimate collection


I think YOU forgot them… not me… I’m not psychic lol


No, I didn’t forget the prawn cocktail, and I owned that omission on the wine.


Everson Royce Bar continues to be a favorite. The special on Wednesday was a pastrami sandwich from Ugly Drum. $25 includes a wine flight or beer tasting. I ordered the sandwich a la carte and ordered my usual tequila cocktail.

Let’s not forget their biscuits and cheeseburger are also awesome.


Yeah, true, you had so many kinds of shrimp it was hard to parse I guess. I edited my post to reflect it.

Still seems like an insane ripoff.

But I’m guessing the wine was at least $100 of the total, which makes it kind of a wash.

But, by all means, if anyone thinks the updated post doesn’t sound like a ripoff, more power to them.


I wish I had made that…I love Ugly Drum pastrami but it’s ridiculously difficult to acquire. Damnnnnnn

What was the sauce served with it?

That cheeseburger is my all-time favorite, though. mmmmm


That’s just aioli for the potato wedges. Sandwich itself had grain mustard on it.


Today Maple Block emailed out their new happy hour menu.

M-F / 5-6:30pm

Bit of a let down? I’d prolly rather just get a couple bucks off their normal stuff than get brisket nachos or grilled cheese. Although, those don’t sound half bad.


Holy Cow has pigs in a blanket and Frito pie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



the old fash there is very strong.




Lodge Bread (Culver City)
Saw a lil sign in there over the weekend that they’ll be doing happy hour 4-7pm, I believe. Forget which days.

25% pizza/food and a smattering of cheaper prices on their newly added beer/wine.

Good deals to be had if you’re down with the char char binks.


Chaya Venice brought back their all night happy hour. I still hate what they’ve done to the place, but the food is still great, and the bar menu is back (with changes).


only want de Jar Jar no char char.



My wife picked up some bread at Lodge last night. To my surprise, the bread was very similar in doneness and moisture to their original style. These are images from the leftover from last night - about 1/3 of a round.

The bread was very sour as well. “California Heirloom” is the variety - went well with a white bean/kale/pork rib soup that my wife made.


I stopped in there last weekend and basically every loaf was severly charred. If I’d seen a loaf like yours I probably would have bought it.


“I can’t seem to find any breads that aren’t severely charred. Do you think you can find me one?”

I can only hope that voicing concerns/opinions on this issue will eventually change their style, or at least allow for some varying levels of doneness in their breads.

Playing devil’s advocate: with the menu items where they use the artisan rounds, the crust doesn’t seem to be an issue with me. YMMV


I hit Charcoal HH yesterday, it was great.
The ribs are A+.
Also had the calamari and the chicken wings, which were both tasty.
Pretty good QPR also.


What are the charcoal happy hour specials @skramzlife