Help with big dinner in NOLA!


Happy to help.
Very sweet offer - will send you my info - you never know!


Not a problem at all!! I am happy to get info here and to help others!!


Great… Because this and your other NOLA threads have inspired, and helped us. Thanks!


This might be a tough one. But Vietnam is one of my favorite places. I know at one time there was a sizeable Vietnamese fishing community in New Orleans. Has anyone ever had Vietnamese-French style cooking in New Orleans? Or a good banh mi style sandwich or po’ boy? It would be cool to check it out.


I did hear recommendations for Vietnamese places that required a little travel. I didn’t consider going to any of them since I grew up in Orange County and still have my fave places I go to in Little Saigon. So if you can find out where to go, I did hear good things!! I’m very much looking forward to your report back!


If they’re further away in Louisiana - which would make sense - we probably won’t make it. Oh well.

So true about OC. I’ve had really good meals there, even Cajun-style seafood in a Vietnamese owned restaurant. Living in central L.A., we’re deprived of Vietnamese cooking. Unless you count all the pho places popping up, which are great but…


It’s pretty bad on the westside, also! Luckily, I still have family behind the orange curtain, so I sometimes meet them at my fave Vietnamese places!

The places in New Orleans were in environs of the city, so definitely doable with taxi.


Me too!


Currently MOPHO

which is right in the heart of the city, is considered one of the best, but I have not been yet.

New Orleans Vietnamese is definitely worth a visit if one has never tried it. Quite different from what I am used to here. I went once to Tan Dinh in Gretna, with my partner’s family - it is right over the bridge from downtown.

The biggest difference I noticed was how much heartier the dishes are, the cuts of pork and other meats in the dishes tend to be gargantuan compared to the skibbly bits I associate with more “authentic” Vietnamese.

That said, I doubt I would “waste” a meal to try it, unless I had a lot of time down there. The authentic Louisiana food is far more “important” to the causal, infrequent visitor, I should think.


Yeah… I figured that was pushing it. Thanks!


Hi Y’all -

We pulled it off. Christmas in New Orleans.

I hadn’t planned on taking a lot of pictures. Figured my husband needed a break from patiently waiting for me to get the right camera angle before digging into his meal. But apparently he suffers from folie à deux and wanted pictures. Yay. So here’s my first report.

After 3 flight delays and turbulence we were exhausted. We ordered room service and fell out. No pictures of the food - I think it was shrimp - but this was a nice presentation.

Christmas Eve Dinner at Clancy’s

Crab Salad

They always have this salad, but make a different dressing everyday. Ours was Creamy Ravigote: Mayo, Dijon Mustard, Coarse Mustard, Horseradish, White Wine Vinegar, Hot Sauce & Capers.

Smoked Duck Gumbo

This was lightly smoked, had a dark, thin broth and was delicious… Hello! We’re in NOLA. It was duck, not turkey, and I don’t know why, but if Thanksgiving dinner was a Gumbo it would taste like this.

Smoked Pork Loin in a Creole Mustard & Green Peppercorn Sauce w/a Stilton & Red Wine Demi Glacé, served w/Yams, Collards & Roasted Cauliflower

My sweetheart cleaned his plate.

Clancy’s Smoked Duck - Bok Choy & Buttered, Herbed Spaghetti

This beautiful dish speaks for itself. Even our taxi driver was raving about it.

We ordered the Creme Brûlée Bread Pudding to go.

Clancy’s is a classic restaurant with bow tied waiters and southern hospitality, located on Annunciation St. in a sweet little neighborhood known as Audubon. It was a delightful setting for Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks to @CiaoBob’s rec we were able to experience it.

Bayou Holiday

Lüke - St. Charles Ave., New Orleans

(online picture)

Old Fashioned

My husband has discovered Blanton’s Bourbon and dark cherries :kissing_smiling_eyes:.

P&J Local Oysters

The waiter recommended these. The flavor was a little flat. Go up a notch.

Louisiana Rabbit & Chicken Liver Pate w/Pickled Watermelon, Pickles, Two Mustards & Other Tasties


Crispy Brussels Sprouts w/Marcona Almonds, Green Apples, Jalepanos, Espelette Honey & Progress Milk Barn Cheese

This was complimentary. Thank you! The dish was unexpectedly delicious. Sprouts were perfectly cooked, crispy and there is layers of delicious flavors.

Seafood Gumbo a la Creole

This dark, rich bowl of goodness has perfectly cooked oysters, andouille sausage, gulf shrimp, okra, and of course, the perfect amount of rice. This is a hard one - because we were in the middle of what I call the Gumbo Wars - but this was probably my favorite one :kissing_closed_eyes:!

This is a John Besh restaurant in the Central Business District. We had seen a New Orleans Christmas special on KCET. It really inspired us. One of the segments was chef Besh doing his at home Christmas morning breakfast. It was fried pork cutlet on grits w/sauce. I called it Creole schnitzel. Apparently I was onto something. There is indeed a pretty rich German heritage in NOLA. Lüke’s is actually described as Franco-German.

If we were locals this would definitely be a regular spot. Lüke is a classic brasserie in an elegant but relaxed setting. Tables are set with white tablecloths and two waiters to a table. But the vibe is unstuffy, jovial with a cool mix of patrons.

I don’t want to embarrass @CiaoBob :relaxed:, but thanks again!

Great evening!


Not really possible (in this context anyway).
Glad you enjoyed.


Hey NOLA Lovers. I have another request. My cousin will be staying at Le Meridian in the Central Business District for a few days. I already have Lüke to recommend. Does anybody have other suggestions?


bon ton cafe


Isn’t Herbsaint in walking distance from Le Meridien?


I’ll text it to her. Thanks!

Edit: Just checked it out. Looks yum!


Another NOLA request! This thread has gotten pretty big and I’m sure it’s in here somewhere - but indulge my lazy behind. My nephew and crew are going for a few days of… well, I don’t really want to think about it. But, they are aspiring foodies. I’m sending them to Lüke for dinner. What’s your rec for a good French Quarter Po’ Boy? Thanks!


Found it! Any preference?


French quarter is Killer Po-boys. We went to the one at Erin Rose so you can get a cocktail at bar, and they bring sandwich to you there. There’s another location in French Quarter about a block away.

Guy’s had the best fried food ever! No grease whatsoever! Someone gave me great advice - go based on location! If you want a fun walk along magazine street, then Guy’s (we stopped in for a drink afterwards at Le Bon Temps Roule, after since Guy’s does not serve booze.)

Both were excellent and fun experiences. :yum: