Holbox by Chichen Itza


We learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to call period. We went a few weekends ago on a Saturday. Walking up to their counter, a sign was posted indicating they were closed due to a catering event.


Has anyone done the tasting menu here yet?

I’ve never visited and I have a Thursday evening in L.A. next month (12/28) and would really like to finally try this place out!

I’ll be with my better half and two other friends so I figure a reservation is the way to go. I understand they only take res for the tasting menu. I’m wondering how consistent it is… is it basically a fixed prep with market ingredients subbed for whatever’s fresh or is it a brand spanking new menu with different concepts every other night, week, month, etc?

If you’ve done the tasting menu did you end up ordering a la carte as well or would that have been overkill?

Is it recommended to go for an earlier meal rather than later given their hours (11:30am-8pm) for fear of running out of fresh seafood? Is lunch recommended over dinner?

Finally, is there any comparison whatsoever between Holbox and Mariscos Jalisco or is it a whole 'nother ball game?

I’m on the fence about going with 2 other friends as the setting seems maybe not that ideal for a sit down meal w/ a group and its kind of bland and characterless in photos… but damn the food pics look great!

I’m trying to decide if I should save it for a meal alone with the missus and look to somewhere more fun for a group night out. $40 p/p for the tasting menu is great and I’ve been wanting to check it out for a while.

Also should one try Chichen Itza before trying Holbox or is that question as dumb as it sounds?


I didn’t know they had a tasting menu, but when I was there last snacking on a shrimp torta and a scallop, I noticed the people next to me eating what seemed like a tasting menu, so that makes sense. I wonder how much it is? It looked pretty good. Also a tremendous amount of food, the people next to me seemed to be incapable of finishing all of the food given to them.

However, although the shrimp torta was sort of wonderful, I have to say, I didn’t care about the scallop al carbon…a bizarre sauce, rather too much of it anyway, and a single scallop for $15, not particularly awesome or anything. Meanwhile, scallop tacos are listed as $9, and supposedly come with 2 scallops? Just strange all around…

Whole other ball game.

Having been there at 7, they did not appear to be out of anything, so it doesn’t seem to matter much when you go.

Really depends what you’re looking for, but you might as well try something from both while you’re there it seems like.


Thanks for the feedback.

It just dawned on me that they’re both in the exact same location… I knew the space looked familiar :slight_smile:

The tasting menu is listed at $40 / head on their website btw.

Sounds like a much better value than ordering off menu!


Holy shit…if I had known that, I would’ve ordered the tasting menu, as I spent $30 on the shrimp torta and single scallop anyway! WTF… the people next to be got about 4x as much food as me, too…

They should just turn it into a tasting menu only spot if they’re going to do shit like that, damn.

The scenery is also non-existent, you’re literally in a food court, if that matters to you, lol


Essential LA dining!!! 'Nuff said


Love. This. Place. Muey. Mas. Mucho.


Second visit, so so good. Yellowtail tostada with uni; fish-stuffed chille relleno, fish tacos.

But boy, would be nice to have a margarita or some wine with the meal. Anyone figured that one out, short of taking it to go?


opaque reusable water bottle; because you’re green and don’t want them wasting resources.


You sir are a genius


Just be as incognito about it as possible. LAPD eats there regularly. Dont know if they even care, but they are the law.


“What’s in the flask? Officer, I enjoy juice with my lunch here…”

(fermented juice, but let’s not get boggled down with details) ;-D


Hydroflask, everyone always assumes its water in there.


Dihydrogen monoxide.


Large Starbucks cups also work well for this purpose. It’s our MO with the SGV sichuan spots so we can enjoy a beer or some riesling with our food.


ITT: alcoholics




jumbo shrimp alert @J_L, @Chowseeker1999, @Sgee, @Porthos




woah!!! Do you guys even see my avatar???