Holbox by Chichen Itza


@tailbacku how can not hit that today???


I know, right? It’s like ipse’s face lighting up when Smurfs are on any menu on this town. #heisactuallygargamel


I need to try again to like Riesling. To me it’s always been that last bottle standing after a party - usually ones that are too sweet to drink on their own. But there has been so many good food pairing suggestions lately - spicy stuff, including Ethiopian food. Clearly there’s more to Riesling than I thought.

Edit: Spelling it right would be a good start. :slightly_smiling_face:


Riesling comes in so many different levels of sweetness, from bone dry all the way to dessert wine level of sugar. If you want something on the bone dry side, look for German rieslings that say “Trocken” or look for some coming from the Alsace region of France. For the former, there are regulations on how much residual sugar can be left and still classify it as a Trocken. Similarly, with champagne, there are varying levels of sweetness in the “Brut” category.

Though I don’t like even off-dry wines typically, usually it’s because the wine lacks sufficient acidity to carry that sweetness. I’ve had some off-dry chenin blancs from the Loire Valley in France where the wine was perfectly balanced due to that acidity. Think of it like a margarita: quite a bit of sugar in those, but the lime and alcohol counter act it.

What is your method for choosing wine?

Just did it. WOW!!! Flashbacks of Spanish opulence!!!


Pics please!!!


Trying to finish the workday strong. Will post the usual crappy photos later.


You better go quick before @PorkyBelly & @J_L descend s on this treasure. We all know how he they roll s


ha seriously. I almost went for lunch today but couldn’t make it there.


They sold out of the carabineros for lunch by the time I left. Suckers went FAST.


I actually always thought it was sliced beef or pork in your avatar…


Are they sold out for the day or just lunch?


Hi @J_L,

Please tell us you didn’t buy out his entire stock for lunch? :wink: :grin: You left a few pieces for us, right?


Drat I was thinking about going there for dinner this will make me so sad if they dont have any


haha. If you click on the pic, you can see a larger version.


Go to K&L and ask them to suggest a couple of inexpensive kabinett (dry) rieslings. They have a decent selection at the gentler end of the range (high end bottlings will run into the hundreds of dollars).


I do admit, the thought DID cross my mind ;-D
But my innate civic sense of lagom prevailed. I ordered just one shrimp for myself.


How was it prepared?


Spanish style. Simple light grill a la plancha, served with arroz negro (short grain squid ink rice). GIANT shrimp head, full of ambrosia crustacean goodness to suck on… Tail is perfect - Providence’s Santa Barbara spot prawn presentation comes to mind.


I’ve seen them on the menu at chi spacca recently if you want some turf with your surf.