Holy Shit. Night+Market Sahm ("3") opening in Venice this summer!


Edit: Scheduled to open June 28th, chef Kris’s birthday, according to his Instagram.


Hope he does well. Westside could use some legit non Japanese Asian food.


Not disagreeing, just thinking out loud about what we got in that dept.
Qin West
Meizho Dongpo
Northern Cafe (haven’t been)

Asianya (probably more Japanese than Korean)

Viet Noodle bar
East Borough (marginally “legit” I suppose)

Simpang Asia

What other legit Non-J Asian am I missing?


Of that list I would agree with Meizho and Hanjip :wink:

I guess ROC should count.


Jasmine merits inclusion


Have you tried Qin West?
About 1/2 the menu is pure FOB.


This is such good news, I’m kvelling


That location on Lincoln/Grant is XXL compared to other Thai eateries in the general area. He should kill it in the Westside - hope this encourages other Thai kitchens to amp it up.


Amen. The average level of Thai cooking served west of Hollywood makes the Chinese food scene seem like were are living in the 'burbs of Chengdu. I imagine the Thai cooks - who presumably know what really good Thai food tastes like - wondering why the locals keep ordering gummy pad thai and that day glo red sauce dousing a wonton-wrapper fried shrimp.


Well if they would stop making that shit delicious people would stop ordering it.


Hi CiaoBob,

Thanks for starting this list.


Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine




I have been known to order cream cheese wontons on occasion. I horrify myself, but I love it.


Crab Rangoons are the bomb and I won’t hear a word said against them! No guilt! No shame!

It’s FRIED CHEESE. Authenticity is not a factor.


More details on NM3 here: http://www.foodandwine.com/blogs/kris-yenbamroongs-new-night-market-sahm


So it’s June 28. I called Night + Market WeHo and asked the hostess if Sahm was opening today, but she had no idea. I decided to swing by in the hopes of grabbing lunch, but the location (the old Siam Best joint) looks unchanged from a month ago – power off, windows covered with brown paper.

Anyone have an updated launch date?


This article from last Friday says August now… :frowning:


I drive by daily and it’s unchanged. That place is a shambles.


Windows are taped closed and they are working inside the building now for an August opening.


Authenticity aside, the insane crab rangoons you find in like every Chinese place on the East Coast are something it is hard to imagine anyone hating. Basic bitch cream cheese wontons on the West Coast don’t even come close…


Always add a minimum of 2 months to any restaurant opening press release haha

Felix was supposed to be open as well and is slated for August now as well.