Home Cooking 2018


Happy New Year!


We have no Southerners in our family, but greens and blackeyed peas are so great.

And because I am a Californian, thus not bound by tradition, I served this with couscous. Cheers!


Been woefully negligent with updating home cooking exploits*.

We started a New Years Day tradition of making grilled cheese and tomato soup. The grilled cheese came out of the new Alice Waters Memoir, and I made a miso tomato soup from the “Dining In” cookbook. It’s topped with a miso/tahini/honey thingy + sesame seeds + cilantro. Pretty solid!

*is exploits the word I’m looking for? Not sure!


Can you please paraphrase that soup recipe?


I AM from the South so it’s “Hoppin’ John” which has rice with the BEPs :slight_smile:


We’re on a cruise ship and they had a super tomato soup with large chunks of hard boiled egg to top with. Really good.


Yass. Sure thing.

Heat up some oil and chopped green onions till browned. Then add tomatoes. (I did two 14oz cans of chopped but you could do one can + some fresh too.) Add a can’s worth of boiling water. Then 2 T miso paste. Once it boils, it’s finito. Add in a T of tahini and blend.

The topping was a mix of honey/tahini/miso/lemon. Then toasted sesame seeds and chopped cilantro.

Also, I realized I noted the wrong cookbook - it’s actually from “A Modern Way to Cook”


Over the weekend, I made some duckonnaise (mayo made with rendered duck fat), and then tonight treated myself to a simple egg salad made with said duckonnaise.

Glorious. Even perhaps duckilicious.


Pork scallopini. Simple salad with arugula, baby spinach, olive oil salt. Also made a Farro Salad,wih tomato ,shallot, parsley, vinegar, olive oil.


Duckin’ A!!! I’d Duck dat!!!