Home Cooking 2019


Love the ducks Puritan Poultry sells. Got probably a pint and a half of duck fat out of it while roasting.

with some cauli puree, white asparagus poached in the fat as the duck was roasting, some shitake fried on salo fat (wouldn’t do again, way too porky)


Looks good @Nemroz.

Do you mean “sale”? And where? :slight_smile:

Where’d you get the white asparagus this time of year? I was thinking it would be fun to do crudités with only white and light green vegetables for my NYE thing, but I didn’t find enough white stuff. I could’ve boiled and chilled the white asparagus maybe.


Puritan Poultry at Orig FM sells various poultry including duck. Asparagus is from there too from the produce vendor that does the juices etc.


Oh yeah. I’ve bought chicken there. Brain freeze. Thanks.


Yea those guys. It’s owned by Marconda. I’ve been buying chicken there for probably a decade


Made Marcella Hazan’s basic tomato sauce. I like Bianco’s tomatoes the best so far as far as canned goes.


those are very good but that you bought crushed is a disqualifier… or at least a learning opportunity.


Is that the onion/butter one? And, yeah, as @Nemroz, I think crushed would detract at least a smidge. I freeze that in mini-muffin tins and use on pizza.


just made and enjoyed a tangy and spicy masala-pompano.


What would be better?

Ehh whole is the right answer


yea, whole peeled is great. i’ve been using some amazing ones that are way too expensive… cant find the name of course and eataly no longer carries from what it looks like… bleh.


Yup the onion and butter.

I’ll try again with whole peeled instead. Thanks guys


I made this recipe once with the Bianco whole tomatoes. Our family didn’t really like the sauce as much as our traditional recipe with garlic, S&P, tomato paste, oregano and a smidge of sugar. The Bianco tomatoes are my choice as well.


3 dollar frozen pizza topped with chopped speck and shaved Romano. My favorite 7 dollar cab .


Always whole peeled for me, but I’m guessing that with the Bianco brand that there isn’t much difference in quality. I’ll bet yours was killer.

I like to pass the simmered sauce through a food mill at the end. Just my preference.


I never use the sauce as is but rather as an ingredient.


Bastardized version of a kathi roll. Paratha (frozen), tandoori chicken (homemade), onions, serrano chilis, mango chutney, raita, and cilantro.


Oh my gosh! That looks awesome!

Ovencooked or air fryer, for the pizza…?


Two please. : ) :yum: