Home Cooking 2019




Oh no!!


Last night’s Kobe burger with pork belly and cheese. Totally forgot the onions. On a brioche bun.


Woah! I better stock up


Is it weird if I plan to stock up and hoard a few boxes? :thinking:


Hmmm - wonder if Costco counts as retail. And also food services places…

Maybe I will call on Monday to double check.


I’ll be stocking up, too. It was hard to find here in the South Bay to begin with.

Your Costco carries Diamond Crystal? Lucky. The reply to that tweet on the bottom says that they will discontinue distribution and only have it available on their website, but please let us know what you find out if you do call!


Well it did carry it - now I have to double check! (The box of kosher, not the canister of fine table salt.) Still, I am going to call the company on Monday and see…


Okay, right now it IS listed in their business delivery - a 3 pound box for 3.49 - delivered, in my zip code. Again, the kosher flake style.


For those - ME! - who didn’t know the difference:


Not ideal, but I got some frozen holy basil cubes at bangluck market.


Chicken thigh with mushrooms. Broccoli and rice .


Okay, I called Diamond Crystal. (And the gal said they are getting a LOT of calls. Folks are panicked.)

  1. The box of kosher flake will still be available at Costco. And retail. That is the only cooking salt they are continuing at retail.

  2. The round canisters of table salt - gone. Discontinued.

  3. The boxes of the fine table salt - those WILL continue, but only at the restaurant supply/wholesale level. Very good chance you can pick them up at Sam’s Club or food supply stores like GFS - https://www.gfs.com/en-us

Yay for nice customer service reps : )

Edited to give link that explains how this whole salt fear began!


I only care about the box of kosher flake. Woohoo!
Thanks for the detective work @Happybaker


Red wine braised short ribs, peas, carrots, carrot puree

I love leftover short ribs! Shredded them…reinforced the flavors with more red wine and stock…finished the pasta in the ragu with a knob of butter.


Off-topic, I know, but your purée had me thinking of this technique from modernist cuisine:
It is sweet, but I find it delicious.


Thank you!! :pray:t5: Glad to hear about the box of Kosher salt as that is the one I use.


I had a hard time finding it and I wondered what was up. Finally got my fix at the new Surfas.


mussels in a sour and spicy, vaguely southwestern coastal-style curry. fighting the polar vortex with tropical flavours.


I realized that last week when my grocery store had none and I asked, they told me the same. I cannot and will not go use something else than Diamond. I ordered two boxes of it online and plan on hoarding one of them.