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The Gem isn’t a pressure cooker.


And yet, you’ve posted more than anyone else on this thread.


As I considered this latest gadget. I like the concept but I now realize it’s just not something that I need. I was just surprised when I read about the ‘warning.’


I have a mature banana tree in the back yard. Do I simply pull off a leaf, wash it, and then wrap the meat? Or is there some sort of prep required?


I would pass the leaf over the flame of a gas burner until it looks glossy. This makes the leaf pliable so you can wrap something with the leaf without the leaf splitting or breaking easily.

If you’re doing something like Kalua Pig in an instantpot, you could probably get away with just adding a few squares of the leaf for flavor. I still wrap because tradition.




Got a weekend full of soccer and baseball games for kids? St. Patrick’s Day corned beef with vegetables is not a problem!
Picked up a corned beef from the store, only to remove it from the packaging and let it soak in some water for 4 hours (it’s super salty for me) in the fridge. Tossed it in the Instant Pot set to high pressure at 1 hour with 2 cups of water. When it was done, I removed the corned beef and tossed in carrots, onions, cabbage wedges, and potatoes into the cooking liquid…I set the IP to high pressure at 3 minutes and sliced the corned beef while the veggies cooked. Super easy dinner in a one-pot meal. Everyone was pleased…except for me…the corned beef was still on the salty side…maybe I’ll let it soak in water overnight next time.


Try changing the water once or twice.

Some new-school corned beef is less salty and doesn’t need to be soaked.


I’ll have to build this into the process, too, next time.


Finally got around to trying the rice cooking function this weekend. Your warnings were well-heeded, and I sprayed a little vegetable oil in the insert. I cooked the rice on the pre-set function like you suggested…and there was no burned rice at the bottom of my pot. I was able to scrape it all out. Many thanks!


So it doesn’t have a non-stick ‘finish’?


Stainless steel.


Can that not be ‘treated’ with nonstick?


Got any brand recommendations? As someone who did not grow up with corned beef, my first attempt at corned beef & cabbage using store bought ingredients was less than successful.

Possibly, just possibly, taking the widespread internet advice of stocking up on the cheap stuff come St Patty’s Day was not in my best interest.


Last night we ate some Snake River corned round I got at Costco. I prefer the texture and fattiness of brisket, but it was tasty. Did not soak, cooked in the Instant Pot in water to cover, meat and broth were seasoned just right as were the potatoes and rutabagas I cooked separately in the strained broth. Carrots needed more salt so I put them in a small container with broth and a teaspoon of salt.