Jordan Kahn's new restaurant Vespertine - Spring 2017 / Culver City


Not sushi, but I’ve spent over 300/person at Sea Harbour. Yes, ex. alcohol.


By the way, the full-experience at Vespertine is actually 480/person.

Not $250.

Don’t be cheap. Do it, and do it right.


I’m not sure that that’s a fair statement, as the experience at vespertine is “fully loaded” already… and I wasn’t including drinks in the others either


Damn! That’s just to spendy for me.

But only because I’m poor. Otherwise, I’d love to board the spaceship.


kellyanne? is that you?


haha… less spin and more just that I’ve gotten to know him a lot better over the years. For what it’s worth, in many ways I’m an industry insider… used to cook professionally in fine dining and now sell Japanese kitchen knives to a lot of these guys, so I get to know them a bit better than most I guess. I’m well aware that Jordan and Vespertine won’t please everyone, but for me at least, it was a very enjoyable experience and I couldn’t be happier for him.


We (I, really) expect a report. :smiley:


I think it’s pretty fair to say the non-insider crowd won’t generally receive the same treatment, special offerings, or personal touches that you’ll receive when dining out…but at least you’re being transparent about knowing Jordan Kahn and being friendly/friends with him.


Like Maude and Trois Mec, on-line reservations are not set up to allow for the possibility of solo diners (though one could try calling the restaurant to arrange, if so inclined).


How the hell can that be done? Must be some special Waygu meals I am unaware of…


Tried emailing Maude a while back about getting a solo seat. Was brusquely advised it was a no-go with them.


Did you start crying and explain through your sobs that your spouse recently died and now you’re all alone in the world? If they still turn you down, you can Yelp about it.


yeah… it’s sad, but some places just aren’t set up to deal with single diners well. Also, just from a restaurant perspective (and especially those with extremely limited seating), a single diner takes up a whole 2-top (table for 2 people), which is a relatively in demand table size, so the restaurant loses on that table, relative to a 2-top. When restaurants are less busy or have more available seating, single diners are a lot easier to deal with.


Every time I’ve gone, there’s been 5 seats at the chef’s counter with a solo diner at the end. I wonder what changed.


at maude? They switched up the seating a little while ago


Yes at maude, but i haven’t been recently.


Yeah, I got the same type of no-go from them as well.


Is this why we are trying to get reservations?


So did anyone go to Vespertine last night? Not ready to blow $1000 / couple on an unknown with Saison in the same state, but very curious.


I did a little geotag search on IG to see if anyone had posted any photos. Not much.