Let’s talk Khachapuri, particularly the adjaran / adjaruli style (Georgian cheesebread that a lot of Armenians make)


A friend is reporting that all the best must be around Glendale he says

Pizza Pie in Glendale or Leo’s in La Crescenta should be top dog.


Looks like LA times just stole your reporting. They just did an article about Tony’s Khachapuri lol

FTC with no credit


Same with Eater


There’s gotta be something good in Little Armenia, right?
I’m just selfishly asking because it’s easier for me to get to East Hollywood than Glendale


I remembered the place in Glendale that I thought was so good, Karas, https://karasusa.com/en/! I’m not vouching for anything on the menu other than the adjaran khachapuri (its a really eclectic menu) although the salads were good, but the khachapuri was so good…the khacapuri is listed under pizza - which I guess makes some sense - its bread with melted cheese.


The Times didn’t find out about the khachapuri at Banh Oui from FTC.


Guarantees they’re going to need to figure out logistics if they’re already struggling. Sounds like that vietnamese concept is about to be taken over lol


interesting timing


you’d think but i’m not finding. i’m going to have to tell a lahmajune bakery over there that they need to get up on the trend.


I took that comment as a joke lol


Pink Orchid, a Persian/Armenian bakery on Westwood makes Armeninan Khachapuris for $9.99, but I have no idea if they’re any good. (I’ve only tried their Baba au rhum cake – too sweet for me).

There’s also a branch in Glendale.

Shapes and bakes vary at the Westwood branch according to pics on Yelp:

December 2018
A photo at Pink Orchid

February 2018 (pic supplied by business owner)
A photo at Pink Orchid

December 2017
A photo at Pink Orchid

January 2017

January 2016
A photo at Pink Orchid

Absolutely amazing!

February 2014
Armenian khachapouri

November 2012
Armenian Khachapuri


Let’s fuck with Eater and LATimes by starting a new thread about where to get the best Siberian sous vide llama brain focaccias in Southern California.


Better yet, lets just start raving about the best steak in Los Angeles, which is, as we all know, at The Stinking Rose.


I can provide cultural tie ins and a couple paragraphs in Russian for authenticity. Let’s for real think of a way to bait them lol


After reading the latimes article, it sounds like this place is doing more of a riff on khachapuri, but whatever it is it’s pretty fucking good. Went there again tonight and got the original. The dough is like a good midpoint between pizza and bagel, airy with a nice chew and a decent crust.
The cheese is melty and molten and tangy and ripping off pieces of crust and dipping them is just fun. If people think this is a mediocre version then I’m very excited to try something better.

Last time we were here, we saw them make the burger. The fact that they put a healthy dose of pate on the bottom bun made us very intrigued, so this time around we had to get it.
It’s pretty damn good, the pate added a depth of flavor and a slight funk that really added to the richness of the meat. The burger was perfectly cooked to a perfect medium rare, and definitely plated for the 'gram
It seems like they know what they’re doing at this place.


It’s definitely a riff but looks even better than what most make. Sad I can’t have it for a while


In case anyone wants to try their hand at making these here’s a good recipe, https://georgianrecipes.net/2013/03/29/acharuli-ajarian-khachapuri/?wref=tp.


Thank you! As always ingredients and tools will decide the results. Must get the right cheese from Armenians. And as you can tell from Tony’s pics, a professional oven really matters.


So…are there any LA examples of the kind that’s closer to a pizza?

I wonder if there are any versions in West Hollywood.


This is closer to calzone no? there are tons of these yes. thats just called khachapuri… i get these from T&Y on santa monica by fairfax. I believe that stands for Tbilisi and Yerevan. I love that bakery. Lots of things you want to try from them. Lamb pies (manti), Armenian greens and herb stuffed bread (jingelov haats)

time to take this thread back toward Armenian side as it started more Georgian :stuck_out_tongue:

nearly the best thing on earth.